Legion Pre-Purchase and Possible Release Date?!

Just yesterday, there was a pretty major leak on the Battle.net website of a World of Warcraft: Legion advertisement, only a day before BlizzCon 2015. The ad is basically letting us know the prices for the standard  and deluxe editions of the Legion expansion and a possible release date. The ad reads, “Expected game release on or before September 21st, 2016” (THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL BE THE RELEASE DATE!). This was very surprising to me because if this is the actual release date, then I have no idea what Blizzard are thinking. It’ll mean we’d have spent 15 MONTHS with patch 6.2 and it would be the longest ever patch since the 14 month drought that was patch 5.4. We know that there is a minor patch coming but it’s nowhere near enough to keep us busy for potentially another 10 months. Personally I don’t see it coming later than June because of how long betas typically last (4-5 months on average) but maybe that’s just me.


So what do we get by pre-purchasing the expansion? Well with the standard edition ($49.99) you get a “free” level 100 character boost with 7 days early access to the Demon Hunter class. Now I’ll just repeat that, 7 days early access to the Demon Hunter class. There really is no point to this other than it being purely a marketing scheme. As a Demon Hunter you start at level 98 so effectively you’re only getting roughly 2-3 hours of “early” access as you won’t be able to go past level 100 or venture into the new zones because the expansion would not be released yet! Anyway, the digital deluxe edition comes with the character boost and the early access to the Demon Hunter class and a few other goodies such as an in-game Felstalker mount and pet (WoW) and some digital content for Diablo 3/StarCraft 2 ($69.99).

So there we have it! The release date shown on the image I believe is most likely a backup date in case they need to change things during and after beta, so take it as you will.

Will you be pre-purchasing Legion? And will you continue to be subscribed to the game until the expansion launches?

2 thoughts on “Legion Pre-Purchase and Possible Release Date?!

  1. “Will you be pre-purchasing Legion?”

    I just did! For the level 100 boost. I’m not interested in the mounts or pets.


    1. I think I’ll wait until beta to see how it plays first. But from how blizzcon is going, I probably will! I’m the same, too many mounts and pets to care for another one! :p


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