Dark Souls III Release Date plus collector's editions leaked

It looks like we won’t have to wait too long for the much anticipated action role-playing game (developed by FromSoftware) as it will be arriving in 2016 on March 24th for Japan and April 12th worldwide! An image was leaked by an online retailer showing the Collector’s Edition and Prestige Edition. Geekay Games listed two versions of Dark Souls III, both showing what they include and when they will be released.

Just in case you can’t see the images, I’ll list what will be included in each Edition below.

Collector’s Edition

  • Copy of Dark Souls III
  • Collector’s Box
  • Metal Case
  • Iron-on patches x3
  • Soundtrack
  • Cloth Game Map
  • A4 Hardcover Artbook
  • 25cm (approx 10-inch) Red Knight figurine


Prestige Edition

The Prestige Edition includes everything from the Collector’s Edition but instead of a 25cm Red Knight figurine, you’ll get a 40cm (approx 16-inch) Lord of Cinder figurine and a different Collector’s Box.


As good as these both sound, they come with hefty prices. Keep in mind that the retailer is based in the Middle East so the prices may not be accurate in the US/UK. The Collector’s Edition has been priced at 499 AED (roughly $136/£90) and the Prestige Edition at a whopping 1,799 AED (roughly $490/£324), worth MORE than an Xbox/PS4, which is ridiculous! Personally, I cannot see for the life of me, why the Prestige Edition is valued over 3 times as much as the Collector’s Edition and the only additions you get will be a 15cm bigger figurine and a different Collector’s Box. However these prices may or may not reflect what they will be in the US/UK as we have yet to see them.

Are you looking forward to Dark Souls 3? Do you think the prices of these are justified? Let me know in the comments.

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