Guild Wars 2 First Raid since launch

It’s been over 3 years since Guild Wars 2 was released back on August 28th, 2012. It has sold over 5 million copies since then and we have been given the Heart of Thorns expansion earlier in October. It’s doing quite well and it’s going to continue doing so with the release of it’s FIRST ever raid! You may think an MMORPG without a single raid would be absurd, but Guild Wars 2 seems to be doing fine without one and with the addition of a raid I assume it’ll only get better! To add to this ever so awesome news, raids will also be free of charge as long as you have the Heart of Thorns expansion which is pretty great!


6 days from now (November 17th) players will be able to delve inside the epic initial wing of the Spirit Vale (raid). ArenaNet stated that “Raids in Heart of Thorns will be unlike anything players have experienced before, such as 10-player challenges designed to deliver epic encounters and rich rewards for skilled players, and with gameplay rooted in everything that sets Guild Wars 2 apart from other MMOs”.

For more information on what you may experience in the Spirit Vale, click the link to go to the Spirit Vale page on the Guild Wars 2 website.

Just in case the link doesn’t feel like working, I’ll post some of the details from the website below!

Allies in Need

A Pact squad has gone missing in northern Maguuma, and you and your allies are their only hope for recovery. But the deadly forest isn’t the only risk to the rescue operation—the area holds dark secrets and strange magic.


Enhanced Squad UI

Along with the addition of our first raid wing, you can get organized on a whole new level with the enhanced squad UI. This feature will allow you to organize, command, and lead your ten-player raid or a squad of up to 50 players in World vs. World and Tyria at large.


Legendary Rewards

With great risk comes great reward, and conquering raids will start you down the path to gathering the components you’ll need to build legendary armor. You may also find ascended gear, miniatures, and new, unique weapon skins.


If you have the Heart of Thorns expansion, be sure to check out what the first wing is like and let me know what it’s like in the comments!

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