Trine 2 Review- PS4

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android – Nvidia, Shield Portable, Shield Tablet. Shield Android TV

Developer: Frozenbyte

Publishers: Frozenbyte, Atlus (PS3, Xbox 360), Nintendo (Wii, Japan)

Trine 2 is a side-scrolling action/puzzle platform game and is the sequel to Trine. It is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. As soon as I picked up the controller to play the game, I really did fall in love with it and this was because of how amazingly done everything is and it’s quite rare to see a game with as much attention to detail as this one. Now let’s take a look at why I believe this is a great game.


Intriguing Story

Mission is to be rid of the Goblins and the terrible evil that has befallen the kingdom. Mysterious stranger (Crown Princess Rosabel) has been watching the three wanderers and asks them to help her with the evil that has struck the kingdom. You soon begin to realize what happened many years back to Rosabel’s sister, Isabel. Without trying to give away too many spoilers, but the kingdom goes into chaos, causing things to basically…overgrow.

The story is guided by poems you find, narratives at certain points and book entries so the story is told as you play, which is very nice! One of the best things is that you aren’t bombarded with pages of texts, so there’s no need to stop and read for minutes on end and the things you can read are really worth reading if you want to know what’s going on.


Engaging gameplay

From puzzles to using the right character at the right times, the gameplay is simply put, well thought out. As I progressed through the game, I found that the puzzles (especially the optional puzzles) became increasingly difficult to complete (which is true in any game usually). The thing is, the puzzles were very unique and required some creative thinking at times. There are puzzles where you may need to use certain skills (which you can optionally unlock for each character by using skill points collected from vials), for example you might need to unlock the “plank” skill for the wizard to overcome some puzzles. Don’t worry, you can reset your skill trees for free if you want to use different skills. Also, there are obstacles where you may need to use all 3 characters to pass! So you gotta engage them brains!


Truly engaging combat. Each character has a role. Knight is best at melee combat, wizard for ranged utility/control and the thief for ranged combat/utility/control.


All of a sudden finding yourself in combat while as the Wizard may leave you dead unless you quickly switch out with Pontius to charge through them or with Zoya to evade them to freeze them.

The art…what is this sorcery?!

There’s not much I can say about the artwork apart from that the awe inspiring art mixed with the soundtrack (Ari Pulkkinen – Composer) truly makes for an enchanting game. I found myself stopping many times just to listen and look at what an incredible job the artists have done with the game! And I wish there were more games that have the same impact as this one does. You’ll have to look at the game yourself to see why I’m giving it so much praise!


Soo…why is this game so good again?

The game is good because, well….it just is. It’s one of those game you have to play to fully appreciate, even if this style of game isn’t for you, I really do recommend that you at least try it. There’s bound to be something you like about it, whether it be the art, the gameplay, the story or the characters. But I can say with confidence that Trine 2 really is, one of the greatest games I have ever played!

Score: 85%

Do you agree or think that I’m crazy? I’d love to know what you think of the game! 🙂

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