Star Wars Battlefront First Impressions

After playing Star Wars Battlefront for a couple of days, I wanted to share my thoughts after first playing it.

So where do I start? I’m going to dive straight into it and say that honestly, it’s not as great as I hoped it would be. I mean it’s not an entirely bad game, it’s just that all there really is to do is, well online battles. Single player is almost non-existent and you can tell there’s very little focus on that aspect, which is what almost kills it for me. As a huge fan of Battlefront 2, the Galactic Conquest and Campaign modes were really fun and had a sense of purpose when playing the game, since they followed a story (mainly campaign). There’s only a team deathmatch style game mode and a survival game mode where you have to fight through increasingly difficult waves.


In the new Battlefront, there isn’t really a story and there’s no incentive to single player at all. There’s also only four maps on single player. You read that correctly…FOUR maps! I mean you could always get the DLCs for more locations. I think they’re spoiling us for choice!

Another thing that kind of grinds my gears is that there are no space battles! And Star Wars is a universe where space battles happen all the time! Honestly, this really disappointed me, although you do get to do ship battles, but just not in space. Space battles are what made Battlefront 2 pretty darn fun!


Players! Players everywhere!

So, multiplayer? Well it’s actually really fun! Jumping straight into a large scale battle where you’re a soldier of the Empire or Rebels, to fight off the enemy feels epic! It’s almost like a real Star Wars battle and you’re experiencing it first hand with lasers and AT-STs all over the place!


There are several game modes and much more than 4 locations to play at, each one very different than the other, ranging from 8-40 players. So you shouldn’t get bored of them too easily.

Online has a decent progression system (if at all), you gain experience which converts to currency and can be spent on weapons and character appearance. Although I think it’s a little odd that buying new appearances are more expensive than most weapons, but I believe it’s because it’s not really mandatory and just a “currency dump”.

What’s with the voices?

I was excited to hear the voices of the heroes and villains, mostly Luke and Vader but as soon as I heard them talk, it was a massive disappointment and it makes them feel a little bit “cheap”. It’s also bad because they spent a lot of time and attention to detail on the environment looking great, but unfortunately fell short in the voice acting department.

But it’s so pretty!

Now to my favourite! There’s no doubt that the game looks absolutely stunning! DICE have really given it their all to make the locations as accurate and faithful to the source material as possible. Endor is probably my favourite out of the rest of the locations because of the atmosphere, vegetation, wind blowing all the plants and everything just makes it feel you’re in the Star Wars Universe. Personally, this is the redeeming factor of the game and if it wasn’t for the incredible environments (as well as combat), I don’t think I’d be interested in the game to be honest.


Overall, I’d say it’s a good game but it falls short on a few areas.I really wished they added more to the single player/split-screen aspect for people who enjoy offline combat. However online play is extremely enjoyable with all the different game modes and strategic gameplay. For any Star Wars fan, I still do recommend you try it out. If you’ve played the previous two Battlefront games, then I’d try to not compare them with the new one otherwise you’ll just keep comparing and not actually enjoying the game.

Played Star Wars Battlefront? Let me know what you think of the game! 🙂



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