5 Awesome Features in Just Cause 3!

Release Date: December 1st, 2015

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Publisher: Square Enix

In just over 8 days, store shelves and online retailers will be stocked with another one of 2015’s biggest releases in gaming, Just Cause 3.

I’ve only really dabbled a bit in Just Cause 2, but at the time I was playing a lot of other games so I didn’t really get the chance to fully play it. However after seeing what Just Cause 3 has to offer, I’m actually quite excited for it! Mainly just to be able to do what we’ve only see can happen in Michael Bay movies, with over the top and undeniably, unrealistic action sequences.

So what are the 5 things I’m sure we’re all looking forward to doing in Just Cause 3? Let’s have a look!


In the previous Just Cause games, Rico would rely on using a parachute to help him fall from great heights. Although it seems he’s become more sophisticated and ditched the parachute for…a wingsuit! You know, those things that make you look like a bird. Using a wingsuit would allow Rico to reach further distances and land more accurately. Whether you liked the parachute more or not, this is very cool!


“Get over here!”

The grappling hook returns to the game by being used as a means to moving around the world or even as a weapon. Not only will you able to grapple onto buildings/vehicles, you can grapple onto people and zip to them to smash their face in with a lunging kick! Rico is starting to sound like Batman…

Surfing on fighter jets

Another feature which I am really stoked for is the ability to surf on fighter jets. Yep, you read that correctly. Rico can ride fighter jets but only for a few seconds, then reality starts to kick in and you get blown off by the wind pressure. Before then however, you can throw the pilot out and enter the cockpit, officially having manually hijacked an airborne fighter jet. Now Rico is starting to sound like James Bond…oh but wait, if you’ve seen Spectre, you’ll know what I mean.


Derailing trains

A new addition to Just Cause 3 is the existence of trains! Who doesn’t love trains (me)? But as always, the game finds a way to make riding trains more fun that it actually is! In this game you can literally derail trains by hijacking them to either take them off course, or to smash through a building, as one casually does in their lives. This is a feature that makes me extremely excited about!

Using vehicles…as weapons

Normally if you had access to, say a helicopter, you would usually use the on board weapons to fight off enemies. Well if you know anything about a Just Cause game, then you’d probably know that it isn’t a normal game! So in Just Cause 3 you’d be able to use a helicopter for example, to crash it into a target. Just remember to eject yourself before doing so, otherwise it’ll be a nasty ending for Rico.

So these are just 5 of the things you can do in Just Cause 3 and so far, I’m really excited and that’s a understatement. When I get my hands on the game, I’ll probably find myself either derailing trains or surfing on jets to and glide the hell out of there!

If you haven’t already, check out the gameplay reveal trailer below!

Thanks for reading! So how about you? What are your feelings on the game? Let me know in the comments :).



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