Monthly PlayStation Plus – December Edition

For those of you reading, this is my second post on the free monthly PlayStation Plus games. And yes, you read that correctly, these games are all free of charge, just in case you don’t already know that.


This month’s line up consists of six games, four of which are honestly unknown to me. But that’s okay because they seem pretty good! Now I get to try out some games that I otherwise wouldn’t have paid for! So let’s see what we have this month.

  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (PS4)
  • King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember (PS4)
  • FarCry 3: Blood Dragon (PS3)
  • SSX (PS3)
  • Freedom Wars (PS Vita)
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Edition (PS Vita)

Now I don’t have a PS Vita and I no longer have regular access to a PS3, so I’m really limited to two games and that’s enough for me. It would have been nice to try out FarCry but I’ve also heard positive things about Gauntlet and King’s Quest! I’ll definitely be trying them both out very soon to share my first impressions with you.

Just remember to download them before the end of December. Until then, get gaming!

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