Monthly PlayStation Plus – January Edition

So we’ve made the transition to 2016 and as with every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers have access to a small bunch of games. Last month we were presented with a somewhat disappointing line-up, being the the last month of the year and all! However it seems there are some solid games this month to have a play with! Although they’ve kind of redeemed themselves after last month’s line-up, I think it could still be better.

Grim Fandan-what?


Again, I can’t speak for the Vita games as I don’t have a PS Vita, however I can say that Dragon Age: Origins is an outstanding team based RPG and it’s one I recommend you get (well it’s free this month anyway!) ASAP! As for the PS4 games, I’ve seen and heard they have both been well received so I’ll definitely be giving them both a try with the next couple of weeks! I just hope that they continue this good line-up throughout the year.

Also just a quick reminder, for those who still haven’t made a move on last month’s PS Plus games, they are still available for free until January 4th 2016. That’s tomorrow guys and girls!

Anyway, I’ll see you next month with another stream of PS Plus games. Get gaming!



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