WoW: Legion Alpha Destruction Talents Review

[UPDATE] – Some of this post is now outdated as there have been some changes (from the Main Talents section onward). The latest World of Warcraft: Legion Destruction talents review has been updated here for the Legion beta, with an in-depth look at a specific build for PvP.

So last week we saw theLegion Alpha get a new build with lots of cool stuff and a whopping six additional class specialisations! These include:

But I’m not here to talk about these six artefacts today that are now available on the Alpha, this is more of an overview or a review of the Destruction Warlock talents. This new build came with several talent changes including the PvP talents and since I do part-main a Warlock, I wanted to go over the changes that were made. I’ll only be going through the talents that had received changes along with last week’s build and not each talent. Just a quick warning, this is still Alpha and what you read or see here is subject to change or it may just even go live as it is, who knows! Also Destruction Warlocks are currently not available on the Alpha so we have no idea how their class mechanics will play out.

Main Talents

Level 15 Row: BackdraftYour Conflagrate reduces the cast times of Incinerate and Chaos Bolt by 30% for 5 sec.

If you think that turning Demonic Circle (our only reliable way of getting a precious couple of seconds away from melee classes) into a talent was bad then you haven’t seen anything yet. What we currently have and had baseline for many expansions is being put into a talent. If this goes live, we we’ll be relying on our slow casts and even with Backdraft we struggle against melee and the number of interrupts that are available.

If this didn’t affect PvP so much it wouldn’t be much of an issue because that 30% cast time reduction is insanely helpful in getting off a Chaos Bolt. It’s also in the same row as Shadowburn, which I wouldn’t really pass up in its current state. I’m interested in seeing how Destruction will cope in PvP with our mobility, self-healing being baked into talents. Perhaps the artifact portals will help here?

PvP Talents

Slightly more here to cover as there are five revised talents and they’re really interesting ones at that, so let’s see what there is!

Honor Level 6: Nether WardSurrounds the caster with a shield that lasts 5 sec, reflecting all harmful spells cast on you.

Adding a bit more positivity to the class in terms of PvP, Nether Ward makes a return as the Honor level 6 talent and it’s pretty damn awesome. It reflects all harmful spells that are cast on you for 5 seconds and it’s only on a 45 second cooldown! This shit is so good that I think it’s going to be mandatory against caster teams if the talent makes it live in its current state. Imagine reflecting a fully empowered Earth Shock? It also depends on how Healthstones will work for Destruction apart from being something to heal yourself with because of the way the next talent I’ll be talking about works.

Honor Level 10: Burning Legion – The cooldown of Summon Infernal is reduced by 2 min, but the duration is reduced by 10000 sec. In addition, Summon Infernal can now be used in Arena.

A rather fitting name for Destruction Warlocks as we get the Burning Legion talent. Although while it sounds epic, it’s a bit of a let down really when you read what it does. Honestly the Infernal and Doomguard should be allowed in Arenas anyway because they’re now 5 minute cooldowns (CD) in Legion. While the 2 minute CD is nice it doesn’t seem to compare to the other two talents in it’s row. Also be aware that we don’t know how powerful the Infernal is going to be and the duration reduction with the talent is currently a placeholder number..unless you actually send the Infernal into the past by 10000 seconds! I’ll definitely be watching out for this talent.

Honor Level 22: SpellstoneWhen you use Healthstone, it also dispels all harmful Magic, Diseases and Poisons.

Blizzard seem to be playing the nostalgia card in Legion with the return of Nether Ward, Spellstone AND Firestone. All of these iconic spells being brought back makes me feel excited to see how Destruction Warlocks will play, however as with Nether Ward having a different effect, Spellstone and Firestone receive similar treatment. I’m not sure what to think of this one because usually when you use a Healthstone, you use it because you need healing which would make sense because then you’d dispel all Magic/Diseases/Poisons on you so you’d take less damage after the heal. However if you simply want to dispel such effects but don’t need healing would you use it? This would make the healing a waste. Still a strong talent, the dispel is great against casters, Rogues, Demon Hunters I’d imagine and Death Knights.

Honor Level 28: Firestone Restores 2 Soul Shards and increases your spell critical strike chance by 100% for 7 sec.

Just by reading it you can tell this is going to be a great talent because of how Chaos Bolt’s damage scales with critical strike. Since Chaos Bolt will cost two Soul Shards at the moment, it’s essentially saying “go on, here’s two Soul Shards….now use Chaos Bolt PLEASE!”. This is probably going to be the one I’d choose because I’d like to see how much damage Chaos Bolt would do with this up. What’s even better is that it has a 45 second CD so it’s going to be available very often. Bane of Havoc is also good but it seems more effective in Battlegrounds or 5v5, while Firestone would be great in 2v2/3v3/duels.

Honor Level 43: Cremation Conflagrate deals an additional 5% of the target’s total health in Fire damage, but now consumes Immolate.

This is an interesting one because if you use this and Curse of Fragility with Havoc, you’re going do some quick easy damage, which might be good for finishing targets off if you have no Soul Shards for Shadowburn if you chose it. But usually having an Immolate up on targets would be more beneficial because the damage over time (DoT) critical strikes have a 30% chance of generating a Soul Shard. Rendering the talent useless half the time when you need Immolate up for shards. Personally I’d go with Fel Fissure for the 50% healing reduction.

There are the changes that were made to the main and PvP talents for Destruction Warlocks and I do have to say they look pretty interesting and I’m excited to see the spec on the Alpha despite the Backdraft and Demonic Circle changes! Again I’d like to reiterate that this is an Alpha and things change. When the spec becomes available on the Legion Alpha I’ll be going over the anymore changes and the Artifact weapon talents. I’ll also be going over the Elemental and Enhancement Shaman changes soon as well! Be sure to check out Cobrak on YouTube for his take on the Destruction talents so far!

Which class are you interested in playing in Legion? Let me know in the comments! Or if you have any send over some questions on Twitter!


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