Monthly PlayStation Plus – March Edition

Just like last month and a few months before that. Unfortunately February’s games are no longer free as of yesterday, even though you aren’t really missing all that much! This month however, is sadly still as disappointing to me, with games I have no interest in whatsoever. I’m also not a fan of 2D side-scrolling games (there are exceptions), and we’re getting two of them on the PS4. But enough negativity, shall we see what March brings us?

  • Broforce (PS4) – Side-scrolling run and gun
  • GALAK-Z (PS4) – Side-scrolling platform shooter
  • Flame Over (PSVita) – Roguelike or pyroguelike fighting game with a lot of fire!

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As I mentioned, I find them all quite boring and none of them really appeal to me one bit and it’s likely that I won’t be playing them, even though they’re free. Although if these are the types of games that interest you, then March seems to be like a good year for you!

Design your own trailer?

There’s also a community challenge to design your own trailer for Broforce! You have to use the Sharefactory’s latest feature, the “time bender”. Winning will net you game codes, $50 of PlayStation store credit, a digital copy of Action Henk! and a digital copy of Assault Android Cactus. Second place will grant you just $20 of PlayStation store credit. Yet more games that I’ve never heard of!

If you’d like to know more information, head over the the PlayStation site!

That’s all for this month’s PlayStation Plus games, but I’ll be back with April’s edition, next month! Which games are you looking to play out of this list? Are you interested or could you not care less? Let me know in the comments!

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