5 features to be excited for in WoW: Legion

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With the Legion Alpha steadily making progress and revealing more and more information about what’s the come, some of us are itching to get our hands on Legion, so that we can finally be rid of Draenor, once and for all! Here are five features to keep you looking forward to Legion (not in any particular order)!

Artifact Traits

I’ve looked over most of the artifact traits for each spec and I’m extremely keen on trying some of them out. I for one, am seriously looking forward to the Lord of Flames trait, which causes Rain of Fire to summon Infernals. This is every Destruction Warlocks dream….to summon multiple Infernals from the sky. It finally seems like class, or rather each individual spec will play like they’re supposed to.

The image below shows the Artifact traits for one of the two specs (the other being the Assassination Rogue) that were added onto the Legion Alpha last week, the Frost Mage.

Frost Mage Artifact Traits
Frost Mage Artifact Traits

Although eventually everyone will be able to unlock all of the traits, there’s still some sort of choice involved. You’d want to go for the golden dragon (elite) traits first, so going for one of them is the most ideal. It’s up to you to decide which way you go and it all comes down to which will benefit you most first. Which path will benefit you more for PvP or which will be best for solo content? This is what makes it exciting, you decide!

New zones to explore

7 zones including The Broken Shore and Thal’Dranath. This means new land to explore and wonders to find.

  • Highmountain – Home to the Tauren and Drogbar
  • Val’sharah – Where Malfurion became the first druid under Cenarius
  • Stormheim – The Vrykul came here to search for their holy land 
  • Azsuna – Home to the Nightfallen and where a Pillar of Creation exists
  • The Broken Shore – Legion infested starting zone
  • Suramar – Home to the Nightborne/Nightfallen and where we’ll find Alleria and Turalyon
  • Thal’Dranath – Currently unknown what resides here

The scaling of zones to your current level makes it better to farm and do quests because you’re always doing content at the level you’re at, effectively having 6 or 7 (unsure whether The Broke Shore will count) level 110 zones when you reach max level! It’s almost like the entirety of The Broken Isles will be our playground! So there should be always something for us to do in terms of world content and questing! This is great because I miss a lot of quests when I get to the next level cap and going back to do them at max level makes them trivial. Zone scaling will at least maintain some measure of challenge or interest for revisiting zones to finish missed quests.

I can’t wait to get onto The Broken Shore and push back the Legion’s forces! This zone and others just makes me want to explore each and every part of them, which is what I haven’t done since Wrath of the Lich King and more so during The Burning Crusade. Suramar is another zone that I cannot wait to explore because of the Nightborne. I actually want to learn more about them, which again, isn’t something I’ve cared about since the Sons of Hodir/Knights of the Ebon Blade factions!

Have a look at the image below of a place in Stormheim…it just screams “come visit me”, and the first thing I’ll probably do when I enter Stormheim is to go to that tree! This is what I think WoW has been missing for a while now, the feeling and urge to explore, not just gear and items and numbers.

Stormheim Tree

These zones give me a nostalgic feeling like Northrend did. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the Vrykul or not but there’s definitely a Wrath of the Lich King feel to it! Perhaps how the zones look and feel?

PvP Honor system

A long awaited and fresh change to PvP with the new Honor System. Prestige levels + cosmetic rewards including a PvP skin with colour variants for artifacts.

This is probably the second thing I’m looking forward to the most because PvP has been feeling stale for a very long time and it’s really just the same thing every expansion. Grind honor at the start of the season for a base set, then grind conquest points until your capped and do Rated Battlegrounds/Ashran for a strongbox that will give you a random conquest PvP item. You don’t have to play PvP to see that doing this for an entire season until you’re fully conquest geared is…to the say the least, mind-numbingly boring.

In Legion, honor is no longer a currency, it works much like experience points with an honor level cap of 50. So instead of grinding currency, you grind a form of experience! What makes this new system better is that as you level up, you gain access to talents. You must be thinking, holy hell, PvP talents? What about the main talent tree? Well in instanced PvP, you can use both talent trees, but the PvP talent tree is disabled in all other areas of the game. Which I think is absolutely fine because the point of the PvP talent trees is to partly balance classes in PvP so that it doesn’t affect their performance in PvE as much.

WoW Prestige Portrait Badges

You might be thinking, “well what happens when you reach the honor level cap?”. If reaching level 50 was the end all, be all for PvP, I wouldn’t be as interested because once you reach level 50, you can reset it back to level 1 and do it all over again! This will put you at a disadvantage during seasons, but I guess that’s the challenge of it! You won’t have access to most of your talents that would certainly help at higher ratings, but the rewards for reseting your level and getting to level 50 the second time seem to be worth the trouble. Each time you reset your honor level (up to 5 times) you get a more prestigious badge on your character portrait, which everyone else can also see. There is a PvP artifact skin with different colour variants for you to unlock, so perhaps reseting your level is part of this! There’s also mounts to be gained if you reset your honor level, which I’m all for!

Since I play a shaman as one of my mains (yes I have more than one main) I’m particularly looking forward to trying out Enhancement’s PvP talents, mainly because of the Shamanism talent.

Your Bloodlust spell now has a 45 sec. cooldown, but only affects you and your friendly target when cast for 10 sec.

In addition, Bloodlust is no longer affected by Exhaustion.

Enhancement Shaman PvP Talents
Enhancement Shaman PvP Talents

For those of you that PvP, you probably know that Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp and other abilities with the same effect have a 5 minute cooldown while granting you a debuff so that you cannot benefit from the same effect for the next 10 minutes (or until you die or have it reset). So having it as a short personal cooldown for you and one other will be a godsend in certain situations in 2v2/3v3 and maybe Rated Battlegrounds. I’m still unsure however on whether this talent will make Heroism usable in instanced PvP, but I assume it will be with this talent chosen, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the PvP talent tree!

This new honor system is something I’m extremely looking forward to as you now know why! Reseting levels is something for us to do outside of climbing ratings, raiding, world content and other things! How do you feel about it?


WoW Prestige Portrait Badges

Revamped challenge mode dungeons

Similar to Diablo 3. Keystones to increase the difficulty. Rewards based on difficulty. Rewards capped up to a certain difficulty but difficulty can continue to increase until you simply can’t do it. It’s hard to talk more in depth about Challenge Mode because it has yet to be added to the Alpha. I am super excited for Challenge Mode because it’ll give everyone something to do outside of doing the same raid or if you get tired of questing, you can find a group and do a Challenge Mode at a suitable difficulty.

Incredible models to marvel at

Legion has some of the best models I’ve seen in WoW and it’s not just because of better textures, model resolution and graphics, it’s how much passion the artists have put into each model and it certainly shows! Just have a look at Stormheim’s beastly Stormdragon model!

Stormheim Stormdragon

The new deathcharger war horse model looks fantastic as well, even though it’s very similar to the Undead Deathcharger mounts but it doesn’t really matter to me as they look stunning! However, I’m not sure if it’s a mount that we’ll be able to get or if it’s just for NPCs. Hopefully the former, but I’m thinking that they’re PvP mounts that you gain from gaining Prestige Honor levels.

Now, I’ll admit I’m not too fond of spiders, but oh BOY am I excited for the spider mount! In a game where the world has us killing spiders at one point or another, I’m quite honestly surprised that we haven’t got a spider mount yet!

What about the lovely fox mount and these two Unicorn (well they look like some form of Unicorns anyway!) mount?! I know I’m getting excited for an expansion that hasn’t been released yet and I’m trying to keep my calm after what were given with Warlords of Draenor, but….Legion’s fox/spider/Unicorn mounts compared to Draenor’s boars/wolf mounts that are so uninspired! There’s just no comparison if you ask me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Still, I’ve got to keep my cool as there are some things that could go wrong. What I can say however is that Legion is shaping up to be a solid expansion after seeing what’s been released on the Alpha…and it’s a lot, even compared to past Betas, the Legion Alpha is looking like a Beta. But we’re not going to go into that debate today because I don’t think it matters all that much. Besides, you can visit the MMO-Champion forums for pages of it!

There’s so much more I can talk about, like factions, which I won’t go into right now, but maybe another time! But these are 5 things to be excited for in Legion!

What are you most looking forward to in Legion? Are you even going to play the expansion? I’d love to know what you think!


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    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it! It’s a great thing that they’re making loads of changes, especially to a game as old as this 🙂


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