7 Reveals Coming Soon for Yooka-Laylee

There’s been very little that has come out from Playtonic Games and their upcoming release, Yooka-Laylee. In fact I’m glad that they haven’t released much because it’s nice to use my imagination and inner “nerdi-ness” to imagine what it will be like, since it’s been years since I’ve played a solid 3D Platformer game. Regardless of the end result, I’m fully aboard this hype train.

Yesterday was a good day, and it was because of this one tweet.

Yooka-Laylee Tweet 7 Reveals

This is very exciting news because there’s not just going to be one reveal, there’ll be about seven! That’s a big announcement for anything and it looks like it’ll involve something big. Let’s take a look at what the seven possible reveals could be.

  • Toybox
  • A level reveal
  • Zone music or hub theme
  • A teaser trailer and/or release date
  • New character(s)
  • Gameplay demonstration of Yooka-Laylee attacks
  • New mechanics

It’s likely that I’m hoping for too much but it doesn’t hurt to be a little optimistic! However at the very least, I’d imagine some news about the Toybox, a level reveal and some more music. Next Monday seems like a good bet for some Yooka-Laylee news.

So what do you think will be revealed “soon”? Let me know your thoughts!

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