Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo Review – Simply Stunning

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Developers: Square Enix, Avalanche Studios, XPEC Entertainment, HexaDrive
Publishers: Square Enix

Ever since I played the Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition, I’ve been glued to the latest instalment. So much that I’ve recently been playing Final Fantasy VII, which I admit is the first time I’ve properly played a Final Fantasy game. But I’m not going to talk about FF VII since the Platinum demo is taking the spotlight today. First of all, Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition is a demo of the Final Fantasy XV game and it’s important to note that the demo is a separate thing entirely. There’s no spoilers or worry about ruining the ‘first time’ experience of the full game, instead it’s a separate experience where the levels you play in the demo will not appear at all in the full game (there may even been bonuses for playing the demo and the full game) and this is an awesome way to go about it because of the very reason earlier in this sentence. Demos should feel like a taster, the sort of the thing you get when you eat a very small, but tasty starter at a fancy restaurant. It’s got me wanting more.

What in Lucis is it about?

The Platinum demo centers you around Noctis, a very unique character as the Crown Prince and heir to the kingdom of Lucis. Of course, this isn’t exactly explained in the demo but it’s worth knowing who this dude is exactly! For the most part, you play as far younger version of Noctis and are guided by a fox-like creature as you venture through three vastly differing settings (or better known as Dreamscapes), each with their own objective. The main goal however, is to leave Noctis’ dream but in the process, you’ll face off against strange creatures and the much larger, more terrifying Iron Giant, who requires actual tactics other than button bashing to defeat (everything else can). This is essentially all there is to it. It’s just a demo after all!

Noctis and fox-like creature

As you traverse through the Dreamscapes, you’ll find yourself using a two-handed toy hammer, a one-handed play sword, playing around with interesting gameplay mechanics that alter the weather in mere seconds and even a transformation that changes you into a croc-like creature, which makes gives you the ability to one-shot all the normal enemies that you find yourself up against. It’s not just these things that make it enjoyable, it’s predominantly the level designs. One of the Dreamscapes have Noctis shrunken down to a fraction of his size, as they make their way through a giant-sized house. It feels more like your very own playground. What’s not to love?

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Shrink Level

Alluring environments

If there’s one thing the Final Fantasy series seems to do right, it’s the sound and visuals. Whatever they do it’s as if there’s a magical connection between you and the game, an instant feeling of grace when looking upon beautiful scenery and graceful music. It’s all I managed to think about throughout the whole demo and I’m looking forward to seeing other levels in the full game!

The Platinum demo has so far, set the standard as the one to beat, and if the full game is as well made as Platinum is, then I have no reasons to be worried because it’s a fantastic demo. Final Fantasy XV is another game I’m counting down the clock for.

What about you?

Score: 85%

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