WoW: Legion – Destruction Warlock Spell Visuals

Over the last day, I’ve been observing the visuals on the Legion beta. I’m not talking about the environment, models and textures. But the spell effects and animations. I’ve been wanting to showcase how Destruction Warlock spells look and I’ve finally been able to get around to make a video on it. One thing I’ll mention is that Blizzard seemed to have changed Lord of Flames by having it activate from Summon Infernal, instead of Rain of Fire. Which I think is much better, but I still believe that the lengthy 10 minute cooldown isn’t justified for how little damage Lord of Flames does.

But currently, I love the spell effects for Destruction Warlocks! Especially Dimensional Rift portals. Check it out below!

I may be covering other specs soon, and I’ll be posting a review of Destruction Warlocks as they are on the Legion beta in PvP and the most effective build right now. I did a post on the spec when Legion was in Alpha (before I even had access), but now that I do have access, I have a greater insight and can provide some feedback on how the class plays, so stay tuned! What do you think of the visuals?


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