Dishonored 2 – A Feature Insight into Emily and Corvo

Despite me not fully playing the first Dishonored because of abnormal motion sickness (it’s a thing, I swear!) and after countless attempts at trying to reduce it through configuring the settings, I gave up. I still love the game despite how much time I played of it, and Dishonored 2 is certainly on my list of games to get this year. I just hope I won’t get any motion sickness from it.

Moving on, today I wanted to look into the differences in abilities between Emily and Corvo, especially if you’re having a difficult time deciding who to play as in your first play through, despite the game being five months away. Essentially to see what makes their playstyles unique from each other. Let’s take a look.

Emily’s Abilities

  • Far Reach

Far Reach gives Emily the ability to pull herself to something she can grab hold of. If she can grab onto it, she can can use Far Reach on it. Think of it as her version of Corvo’s Blink. It can be upgraded to pull items towards her and even enemies as another way of assassinating them.

  • Mesmerize

Mesmerisze is a skill that Emily can use to put her enemies in a trance, causing them to also blurt out random sentences. You can upgrade this skill to affect up to four targets, which would be useful if you want to assassinate or get past a bunch of packed enemies.

  • Domino

Domino gives Emily the ability to link multiple enemies together. Whatever you do to the original target, will affect the linked enemies. For example, killing the main target will also kill the links. Upgrading this skill will increase the number of targets you can link.

  • Shadow Walk

Shadow Walk causes Emily to shrink down to the size of a rat to get by undetected and through small openings, much like Corvo’s ability to possess rats. With Shadow Walk, you can lethally strike enemies before the effect ends. Upgrading this skill allows Emily to strike twice.

  • Doppelganger

This is a pretty simple one. Doppelganger creates a clone of Emily to use as a distraction. I’m wondering if this works with Shadow Walk, but it seems like it does with Domino by linking other targets to your clone, then killing your own clone! This sounds like something I would use most of the time.

  • Dark Vision

This is a skill that both Emily and Corvo can use. It shoots out a pulse every eight seconds (three pulses) from wherever you are, even if you move to different areas. Dark Vision allows Emily and Corvo to see NPCs and certain items through walls.

Dishonored 2 Emily Trailer

Corvo’s Abilities

  • Blink

With Blink, Corvo can teleport short distances forward. There’s not really much else to it. One of the upgrades for Blink allows Corvo to kick a target using the momentum gained from teleporting. Cool, right?

  • Bend Time

Bend Time let’s you slow down time, to make it easier for Corvo to stealth past or assassinate multiple targets much easier. Improving Bend Time will allow Corvo to completely freeze time for a moment. Also, upgrading it further will let Corvo jump ahead in time. How far forward I have no clue, but I’d imagine it won’t be a lot or it’ll be game breaking.

  • Devouring Swarm

Devouring Swarm is an ability that Corvo has maintained from the first game. It allows him to command a swarm that completely devours enemies, leaving no evidence behind. This is a nifty skill that can be upgraded to command a stronger swarm or perhaps even two swarms. Those guards better watch out!

  • Possession

Possession is exactly how it sounds. Corvo can possess his enemies to use as hosts. These can be used as a way to escape or hide from potential pursuers and once upgraded, travel from one body to the next. So far this ability and Emily’s Doppelganger are my favourites. 

  • Dark Vision

Curve’s Dark Vision functions exactly the same as Emily’s.

Dishonored 2 Mask Corvo Trailer

By judging from Emily’s skill set, she’ll be better at distractions and diverting enemy attention away from her. Corvo on the other hand seems to excel at being more aggressive. Of course, both characters are great at stealth, they just have different ways of doing it.

Which one of these skills is favourite and who will you be choosing to play as in your first play through of Dishonored 2?






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