Overwatch D.Va Gameplay Montage

So Overwatch has been out for over a month now and a lot of us have been trying out Competitive Play since its release. But we’re not here to talk about Competitive Play, as much as I’d like to with all its flaws. No, we’re here for some D.Va gameplay! I’ve been wanting to put together a few clips to show some awesome D.Va moments, since I often record my gameplay just in case they make for good video content. And yes, D.Va is one of my most played heroes in Quick Play, but funnily enough not in Competitive Play. She’s just not as good as other heroes in most situations.

I may also be putting together another montage for Pharah or maybe even Reinhardt. Anyway, here’s some gameplay of D.Va in Quick Play!

How’ve you been getting on in Overwatch so far? And which heroes do you find playing most? Let me know!

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