Final Fantasy 15 – What is the Battle System?

As we get closer to the release of Final Fantasy 15 on September 30th, I wanted to have a look at how the battle system works, especially for you if you’re not yet familiar with it.

The Battle System

In all Final Fantasy games the battle system is core to the gameplay and it’s been shown in a variety of forms. There’s the turn-based system which the first three Final Fantasy games and The 4 Heroes of Light, the Active Time Battles first introduced in Final Fantasy IV. But in Final Fantasy 15, the Active X Battle (battle system) is similar to that in Type-0. When you come in contact with enemies or when you target them first, an encounter gauge that will appear which will fill up, which will give you the time before it fills to decide whether or not you want to escape. If you’re not careful, enemies close can the join battle even after it has started. If you’re up for the challenge, go for it!

You can use the environment to its fullest with battles taking place almost anywhere. You can go to the deepest or places that are behemoth in height and fight enemies there. What this also means is that you’ll need to look out for flying enemies or anyone/anything above, below and around you. The battle system also allows for battles to be completely seamless and in real-time, with no load times. Of course, you can pause the game with ‘Wait Mode’ so you can carefully choose who or what you want to attack. Wait Mode is disabled as you run or execute any actions.

One very interesting feature in Final Fantasy 15 is the ability to target different parts of the anatomy when fighting against gigantic enemies. By attacking certain areas, you can make them more vulnerable to further attacks, giving you an extra edge against them, despite their size advantage. Alongside this, you can execute special co-op only actions against huge opponents.

Final Fantasy 15 ff15 huge enemy monster

The creatures in the world of Eos (the setting in which the game takes place) are very diverse and even among the same species, it can differ. Some come in different shapes and sizes, move sets, time of day and perhaps even weather. As you’d imagine, fighting monsters at night will make for tougher challenges because they’re stronger and much harder to take down. Although during the night, stealth attacks and stealth itself could be in your favour to avoid battles that you don’t want to be apart of, especially if you know you won’t win. It’s this attention to detail that makes me excited to play the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 game.

‘Danger’ Status

Now there’s a ‘thing’ called Danger Status. This status appears when you reach 0 health and usually in games, when you’re reduced to 0 HP, you die. But this isn’t quite the case in Final Fantasy 15 because once your health is reduced to 0 health, you enter a state where you’re unable to attack (think of it as a ‘shield’). Once in this state, further attacks against you will deplete your maximum HP, causing you to be ‘knocked out’ after your maximum HP has emptied. Still with me? Good! If ALL party members are reduced to 0 HP, you can only flee and try to recover from the battle, in which Noctis will slowly recover from this Danger Status. You might also have to resort to camping in order to restore your maximum HP for party members. Don’t forget, you only control Noctis. Party members are controlled via A.I.

That’s all I wanted to cover today and if any of this has helped clear up things, it means I’m doing my job! I will be covering other areas of the game as well, so keep an eye out! If you subscribe (all free), you’ll get automatic updates on when I publish new posts, including the newsletter.

What’s your favourite feature in Final Fantasy XV?


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