Upcoming Game Collector Editions – Roundup!

If you’re a video game collector (or just love gaming), then you’ve come to right place! Today I’ve compiled a list of 20 collector edition games that are yet to be released (and a few that have already been out this year). As a collector myself, it can be a pain having to search for each game that includes a collector’s edition and where the best place to buy that game you’ve been fixating your eyes on. Well look no further, below you’ll find such a list, all of which are purchasable from Amazon (except Final Fantasy XV since they’re sold out).

Welcome to Collector-Land…!

Battlefield 1 Buy from amazon                               Bravely Second Buy from amazon


Deus Ex Mankind Divided Buy from amazon       Dishonored 2 Buy from amazon


Doom Buy from amazon                                     Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Buy from amazon


Final Fantasy XV – Collector’s Edition (sold out for now) or Deluxe Edition Buy from amazon

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn / Heavensward  Buy from amazon

Gears of War 4  Buy from amazon                                      Hitman Buy from amazon


Horizon Zero Dawn Buy from amazon                  Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Buy from amazon


Overwatch Buy from amazon                                   ReCore Buy from amazon


Rise of the Tomb Raider Buy from amazon             The Last Guardian Buy from amazon


Titanfall 2 Buy from amazon                                    Uncharted 4 Buy from amazon


Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco Buy from amazon          World of Warcraft: Legion Buy from amazon


I’ll be pre-ordering that Legion collector’s edition, mainly for the art book, CD soundtrack, ‘In the Making of’ Blu-Ray and of course, the actual expansion. But there’s also Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dishonored 2 that have peaked my interest! Have you managed to get any of these or planning to? Let me know!



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