Upcoming Game Collector Editions – Roundup!

If you’re a video game collector (or just love gaming), then you’ve come to right place! Today I’ve compiled a list of 20 collector edition games that are yet to be released (and a few that have already been out this year). As a collector myself, it can be a pain having to search for each game that includes a collector’s edition and where the best place to buy that game you’ve been fixating your eyes on. Well look no further, below you’ll find such a list, all of which are purchasable from Amazon (except Final Fantasy XV since they’re sold out).

Welcome to Collector-Land…!

Battlefield 1                           Bravely Second


Deus Ex Mankind Divided                               Dishonored 2


Doom                                     Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


Final Fantasy XV – Collector’s Edition (sold out for now) or Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn / Heavensward

Gears of War 4                                            Hitman


Horizon Zero Dawn                               Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


Overwatch                                                      ReCore


Rise of the Tomb Raider                                   The Last Guardian


Titanfall 2                                                  Uncharted 4


Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco              World of Warcraft: Legion


I’ll be pre-ordering that Legion collector’s edition, mainly for the art book, CD soundtrack, ‘In the Making of’ Blu-Ray and of course, the actual expansion. But there’s also Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dishonored 2 that have peaked my interest! Have you managed to get any of these or planning to? Let me know!



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