Ana Review and Gameplay – Classic Hero of Overwatch

As you may already know, Ana is the 22nd hero to Overwatch. She plays the role of a long range support sniper and  has some great kit to aid her allies. Let’s take a look at what’s she’s got! (Along with a gameplay video I’ve provided below)

Ana’s Skills

  • Biotic Rifle: Healing dart and a damage over time dart (secondary fire). You can either zoom in or use hip-fire.
  • Biotic Grenade: Heals allies and increases healing received. If it hits enemies, they will be damaged and cause them to gain immunity to healing for a short time.
  • Sleep Dart: It does exactly as it says. Any enemy hit by this dart will be knocked down and put to sleep. Any damage received will cancel this effect.
  • Nano Boost (Ultimate): Use this ult on an ally to temporarily boost their damage, reduce damage taken and increase movement speed.

She won’t replace Mercy or Lucio

Now you may be thinking that she could replace Mercy or Lucio. That’s not particularly true. Mercy and Lucio have better sustained healing and it’s a lot easier to do so than with Ana. This doesn’t mean Ana isn’t good for healing. It means she’s great to compliment those two dedicated healers.

Ana has a pretty strong kit. She can shut down a target (even during ultimates), help deal some damage and heal from afar, completely shut down enemy healing to targets hit by her Bioptic grenade and use her ultimate to push past a strong defense or neutralizing opposing healers. Try using her ult on Reinhardt, with a team behind him. You’ll almost certainly net him a Play of the Game, if he doesn’t go all Rambo that is.

Although she’s incredibly fun to play, if you want to get Plays of the Game (PotG), then you’re playing the wrong hero. Her ult won’t give you PotG when the hero you use it on, crushes the enemy team. Oh no, the hero who received the ult will get it (if he/she does well with it of course). Although you’re never really PotG, it can feel satisfying as you could be the reason someone got PotG (no one actually thanks you for it)!

She’s a situational hero who can be used when she can safely support her team from afar. Maps like Lijiang Temple would put her at a disadvantage compared to maps where you have clear shots. But she’s great fun to play as nonetheless.

If you’d like to know more about Ana, head over to this page for her story, especially if you’re a Pharah player. ; ) What do you think of Ana so far?

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