Pokémon Go Tip of the Day – Evolve First, Power Up Later!

Try not to waste your Stardust before Evolving

The other day, a friend told me, “Fahad, you should evolve your Pokémon and use your Stardust to power them up after”. But I said to him it’s better to save Stardust and evolve first. The reason why you should power up later is because evolving a Pokémon will randomize its move set.

You could end up with sub par skills, the same ones you had before evolving or the most optimal abilities, and if you can’t evolve a Pokemon any further,  you’ll need to raise another one from its previous evolved form.

Pokemon Go Ekans Moveset
Differing move sets for Ekans

That’s today’s Tip of the Day for Pokémon Go! The aim of this is to provide a brief explanation to help clear the air on a few things, since people are always asking the same questions. There will be more ‘quick tip’ posts but not just limited to Pokémon Go.

Which top three Pokémon are your strongest so far?

Also, don’t forget, Pokémon Sun and Moon are released on November 18th 2016. Have you got your copy yet?

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