Pokémon Go Tip of the Day – Pidgey + Evolve = EXP!

Tip of the Day – The Power of Pidgey

Pidgey’s are very common in the Pokémon Go world and you if you want to level up fast or efficiently, not catching any Pidgey’s would only lengthen your levelling time.

The reason why Pidgey’s are important is because you can get a good amount of experience just by evolving them. It costs a measly 12 Pidgey candies to the evolve them to a Pidgeotto. 12 candies are easy to get when it’s for a Pidgey or Zubat. You get 3 candies for every Pokémon you catch and 1 for transferring it to Professor Willow, giving you a total of 4 per Pidgey.

If you’re doing this method, I wouldn’t advise evolving Pidgeotto into Pidgeot. It simply costs too much for the same EXP reward, at 50 Pidgey candies.

Evolving any Pokémon to their next stage will grant you 500 xp, or 1000 if it’s the first time you’re evolving it. Considering how common Pidgey’s are, you’ll be netting quite a bit of xp from this method.

Pidgey Pokemon Go Evolve Tips Levelling
Pokémon Go – Pidgey Character Sheet

Caterpie and Weedle are a great alternative for XP, as they also only require 12 candies each to evolve to the next stage (providing their common in your neighbourhood).

How’s your experience with Pokémon Go so far? Are you aiming to catch ’em all or raising the strongest Pokemon? Does it involve a Pidgey?

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