The life of a healer is tough, how can you make it easier? – Overwatch

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about healers/Support characters in Overwatch. So why Support? Well in Overwatch, or just about any game with a healer…you’ll often find them being trained, and I don’t mean in the literal meaning. I’m referring to the gaming term of being targeted, chased, locked down and killed in almost every match. The reason that is is because they keep their team from dying and you could say people who play healers are the ‘unsung heroes’ of Overwatch and don’t get enough credit, yet they can make a huge difference if there are any on your team.

But what happens if you’re constantly being chased down by the enemy team? Well the first thing you should ask yourself is if you’re putting yourself in exposed positions. This means not going after people who go in alone, unless you’re trying to resurrect some team members. If you’re still frequently dying, then it’s likely that your team could do a better job covering you. It’s as simple as that.

There are a lot of things healers/support characters have to keep an eye out for. Timing ultimates for big pushes/counters is one of the most important things in Overwatch and perhaps more so for Support characters because using Lucio’s ultimate too early for example,  just might work out badly.

Keep them worries in check!

It’s not just the enemy you have to worry about. It’s your team’s positioning you need to look our for as well. I’ve seen my fair share of Pharah’s going airborne into enemy territory on their own, Reinhardt’s going rambo by charging in without help and let’s not forget those times when someone on your own team playing Mei decides to use an ice wall between you and your team. One of our team members died but I was lucky enough to get round to them in time. We don’t want to spend the entire match chasing everyone around or being chased down. It’s moments like these that make the game harder for healers than it needs to be.

This doesn’t mean that the whole game revolves around you. A simple message to your teammates asking to give you a bit of a helping hand would go a long way, so you can heal a little easier!

overwatch lucio support reinhardt
Overwatch Support – Lucio

Even though having a main character in Overwatch can be frowned upon, which role do you tend to stick to? If it’s a support character, how are you finding dealing with some of the player characteristics I mentioned earlier?

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