Destruction Warlock 100-110 Leveling Build – World of Warcraft: Legion

Today I’d like to showcase a particular build for Destruction Warlocks that will be useful during the push for level 110 in World of Warcraft: Legion.

The point of this build is to give you a good setup for levelling on the Broken Isles from level 100-110. With this setup, you’ll have a lot of uptime and strong AoE output without sacrificing too much single target damage. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with mobs with the infernal tanking and a wide range of spells to deal with every situation.

The important thing to know is that I’m assuming you’re going to take on 2+ enemies at once. If you’re sticking with 1 mob at a time, then I’d advise you to use Reverse Entropy and the Doomguard with Grimoire of Supremacy for better single target damage.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong AoE with Cataclysm and Supremacy Infernal
  • High Uptime with Shadowburn and Soul Conduit (also pretty simple setup)
  • Good survivability with Demon Skin and Dark Pact


  • Not the strongest single target damage, but can switch out the Infernal for a Doomguard and maybe Channel Demonfire to help with that
  • Occasional Life Tap since you don’t have Reverse Entropy

Talent Build

Level 15

Starting off with the first row, Shadowburn takes the spot. It has far better uptime since fights don’t last very long, meaning you won’t get the most out of Roaring BlazeBackdraft isn’t that great either since the duration is short and you won’t get much benefit from it. Shadowburn should be taken because you’ll almost never run out of Soul Shards.

Level 30

On this row, there’s only really two choices here. Mana Tap will cause you to use Life Tap more often since it drains 25% of your mana, which will only increase downtime, and let’s face it…it’s not a fun talent!

Cataclysm is a great choice to deal with multiple mobs with just a 45 second cooldown. Plus it hits like a truck. Reverse Entropy is an alternative if you have the tier 18 2-set bonus, and you wouldn’t need to Life Tap. If you’re taking on 3+ targets at a time or very often, then Cataclysm is the better option.

Level 45

The level 45 row is really up to you. I’d take Demon Skin because it’s a strong passive shield for both you and your demon, and isn’t reliant on a cooldown. If you prefer a stun, you can go for Shadowfury and or Mortal Coil with a horror effect and health regain.

Level 60

Soul Harvest is the one to take here because it gives you some extra single target and AoE power, and it works well with CataclysmEradication is only useful with Chaos Bolt, which won’t get as much use as you’d think when taking Shadowburn and it’s a talent better suited for lengthy fights to make the most out of it.

Fire and Brimstone is a solid AoE choice, but with Cataclysm, that void is pretty much filled. You also don’t want to become an AoE hero and suffer too much in the single target department! : P

Level 75

Demonic Circle won’t get as much use as the other two since there aren’t many moments where it can shine, which is why I’ve chosen Dark Pact. Even with a demon active, it can shrug off a fair amount of damage and it’s just too strong to pass up. Burning Rush is a nice alternative if you’re not finding yourself in situations where you need the extra shield, since you might already have Demon Skin and also Drain Life to regain some lost health.

Level 90

Grimoire of Supremacy may not seem that great since you’re giving up two cooldowns, but for solo content, it’s a solid choice. For AoE and tanking, you’ll want to use the Infernal and if you want a bit more single target damage, a slow or an interrupt, the Doomguard is a good for that. Although the Infernal will be used more often for the stun every minute, the threat it generates and its AoE. This and Cataclysm are why Fire and Brimstone isn’t needed with this build.

Grimoire of Service is only good every 1.5 minutes and when it’s on cooldown, you’re stuck with a regular demon, but with the other two talents you’re always benefiting. Which is why I haven’t recommended it. In group content and against single targets however, Service is the one to choose.

Grimoire of Sacrifice is an alternative if you don’t like managing a pet, and it will be better to take once you get the artifact trait that improves it, but for now, Supremacy offers more flexibility.

Level 100

Nothing lasts long enough to get the most out of Wreak Havoc so a normal Havoc is good enough. Even though Channel Demonfire doesn’t seem valuable at level 110 compared to the other two talents, it’s a decent solo talent and strengthens your single target and cleave output (it works with Havoc after recent hot fixes). It does roughly the same damage as one Chaos Bolt and doesn’t consume any Soul Shards, so it’s not a bad choice.

After a lot of playing around with Channel Demonfire however, Soul Conduit just feels better and works well with your shard spenders. Demonfire also conflicts with Cataclysm since the damage is shared among all targets afflicted by Immolate.

Soul Conduit is great because you’ll find yourself using Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn often. It works by giving you a 20% chance to refund a Soul Shard when you consumes them. If you take Soul Conduit, you’ll have more shards than you can deal with and that means more Chaos Bolts and Shadowburns!

You Get To Use Previously Unpopular Spells!

This is a great talent setup for levelling and it’s quite fun because you get to use your Doomguard/Infernal and Cataclysm more often, which weren’t used much in Warlords of Draenor. Try it out and enjoy it!

How are you finding levelling a Warlock from level 100-110 and the Broken Isles so far?

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