Battlefield 1 Beta First Impressions – Back to Basics

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows
Developer: EA DICE
Publisher: EA

I managed to play some of the Battlefield 1 open beta and to my own surprise…I enjoyed it.. This is going to be a slightly shorter post than usual because I didn’t get to spend much time on it, but I’d still like to share my thoughts on what I thought about it, and I’m sure you’re all interested in knowing what it’s like too! Now I used to play FPS games often, games such as Call of Duty 4 and Unreal Tournament 2004 quite regularly. But since then, the FPS genre has lost me. Only until earlier this year has the FPS genre rekindled its spark for me. And that was all thanks to Overwatch.

As much as I enjoyed the Battlefield 1 open beta, I’m unsure whether or not it’ll be worth getting. The problem is that in general, people tend to get more excited for something new, and games are a perfect example of this. Did I enjoy the open beta because it was something new to play? Or is it genuinely a good game?

From what I’ve gathered from the open beta, Battlefield 1 is a solid FPS. It’s gritty and more war-like (but not on the same level of realism as Arma), simpler than other FPS games and the gameplay is smooth, bar a few frame rate drops when zooming in with a rifle…although I think that issue was fixed in an update). And most importantly, I found it a joy to play, especially as a scout picking off the enemy one by one from afar. This is what made me play the scout mostly. I felt like a sniper. It’s not a feeling exclusive to scouts, because I do like medic class too. I just so happen to love being a scout even more.

Being a scout isn’t all that glamorous. At times you’ll find that your tremendous advantage over long distances won’t help you when you have pretty poor visibility and line of sight, which is perhaps the best part about playing as the patient scout class. It promotes tactical gameplay in the sense that you need to be aware of your positioning. Each shot counts because you might end up giving away your location. Play smart and you’ll be rewarded!

It Felt Good

I must have mentioned earlier on in this post that it plays a like a solid war game. The over-the-top lens flare and similarities found in Michael Bay films such as Transformers, were a big turn off for me in the previous games. From what I played on the open beta, there’s much less of that and it makes for a far better immersive experience for what the game is, a war game. What’s refreshing about Battlefield 1 is the absence of futuristic warfare. We’ve had futuristic games one after the other and it’s gotten old a while ago. In this game there are no plasma guns, spaceships or aliens. It’s all about old fashioned armaments, which again is simple compared to a lot of other games that are far too over complicated (Overwatch is a perfect example of simplicity done well).

Usually in these type of games I always look at K:D ratios (kill to death ratios) and it can seriously degrade my enjoyment of a game if that’s what’s constantly on my mind. Battlefield 1 makes you feel part of the game. I cared less about winning or losing (although winning is preferable!). I entered games, felt immersed and kept on playing. If the full game is anything like that, then I’m sold.

Vehicles are very dangerous to play against as always, but I feel they’re a little too powerful at the moment and could do with some tuning. If you see a tank incoming, don’t do what I did and try take it down with a rifle, like in the scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, where Legolas tried to stop the Uruk-hai at Helms Deep. These kind of scenarios won’t end well! : p

With every game, there’s always the same question in the back of your mind. “Does the game run well?”. A game could have an Oscar winning story with the most realistic graphics and engaging gameplay, but if it runs like a pile of doodoo, no one will want to purchase it. I noticed a few frame rate dips mostly when aiming through the scope of the default scout sniper, but that was fixed pretty quickly, but there were other FPS in some places on rare occasion. Sometimes you’d even get stuck by a small ledge or rock, forcing you to turn around and shimmy out of it. But I’m pretty sure these issues will be ironed out before launch.

I’m Still Skeptical

While the open beta was great to play, I’m still very skeptical because of what happened with Star Wars: Battlefront, which I still haven’t forgiven them for, and is the main reason I restrain from getting too excited for newly announced games (with the exception of Yooka-Laylee, I need me some more of that). There were two maps but they looked same, so there’s not really any telling if the rest of the game is as good. But it seems like a safe bet over the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It’s likely I’m going to grab a copy as it does show promise, which means I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the days leading up to the Battlefield 1 launch that’s for sure.

Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer


Pros and Cons


  • Playing sniper feels pretty rewarding. Combat in general feels pretty good.
  • Immersive in the sense that you feel like you’re in a war, fighting off the enemy.
  • Battlefield 1 is simple, has less clutter and doesn’t rely on fancy mechanics.
  • I don’t play many FPS games anymore except for Overwatch. But this game has certainly peaked my interest because it feels good to play.


  • Some FPS drops here and there.
  • Only two maps to play with, both with little variation.
  • Sometimes you can get stuck in the terrain against a small ledge or a rock. Which can be a little annoying. I assume this will get fixed.

What do you think of Battlefield 1 so far and will you be getting your own copy on or after launch day? Let me know in the comments!


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