UTechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse Review

utechsmart venus gaming mouse review

I’ve been using the UTechSmart Venus mouse since July of last year and because I’ve been using it a lot for gaming, I want to take a look at it to give you an idea of what it’s like and if it’s worth forking out your cash for.

The mouse is designed for playing MMO games, that’s why it has 12 buttons on the side. So if you’re predominantly playing FPS, MOBA, strategy games, then I wouldn’t recommend picking this up because you don’t need 12 extra buttons. My old mouse, the Perixx MX-1000 is a much better option with a much lower price tag for those games. But when playing MMOs, the UTechSmart Venus is overall, a fantastic choice.

How does it look and feel?

First and foremost, the mouse looks like a beast. It has contours edges all over, but that’s not to enhance aesthetics. They help fit your hand around the mouse, to make it feel much more natural to hold, which is exactly what how it feels like. One gripe I have about the appearance is the random black gloss panel on the top of the mouse.

While there are quite a few lights present, they don’t overpower the device. Not only do you have the ability to change colour (green for me!), you can also adjust the intensity if the lights are too bright or dim.

My second gripe about the mouse is that the mouse wheel is a little too wide. It could have easily been reduced in size by half at the most, giving more room for the primary and secondary buttons.

utechsmart venus gaming mouse review

Does it work well?

Absolutely. The mouse functions well, with only one small issue that used to happen occasionally, where the right click was too sensitive. As I became more familiar with it, the issue no longer is an issue!

Let’s talk about the side buttons. The side buttons are essentially the major selling point because there are so many of them to bind to. While having access to more buttons isn’t always better, it certainly is in this case. They’re positioned just right and each row is placed as they are to match the movement of your thumb to minimise any awkwardness. Having all these extra buttons are a godsend if you’re playing in competitive MMOs such as high rated PvP or raiding in games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward and others. But it’s not solely for serious play.

Now a problem with these buttons are that they feel too close to each other, making it quite easy to press the wrong button or two at once if you have slightly larger fingers. As a user myself, this isn’t an issue because I my fingers are quite thin and I’ve had time to memorise the positions of each button. Once you know your way around them, you’ll find that your gameplay will improve and more specifically, your reactions.


Software comes with it which allows you to adjust many things including manage macros, DPI (up to 16400), sensitivity, pointer speed, LED colour, general information, languages and more. 16400 DPI is huge number, and huge numbers tend to attract people. But you probably wouldn’t want anything higher than 3000, at most. There are two buttons that can increase or decrease the level, which I’ve occasionally found myself pressing accidentally and causing the sensitivity to either rise or lower significantly. Imagine that happening in rated games! My advice is to set it at the DPI level you’re comfortable with and either bind or un-bind them so it doesn’t change.

Weight tuning can be done to change how heavy or light the mouse feels and although it isn’t mandatory, weights can be added or taken out to adjust the feel of the mouse movement. At least weights are included.

Can I use it on a Mac?

While it doesn’t come with drivers compatible for Macs, you can use 3rd party software to make it so. Here’s a guide from PC Weenies on how you can do that (scroll to the bottom of the article).

Do I recommend it?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the UTechSmart Venus mouse is phenomenal mouse for its price. At $38.99 (£29.99), you have incredible customisation and to top it off, it works great.  For anything where you’re pressing far less buttons, like Overwatch, Call of Duty etc…you’re probably better off with something less ‘busy‘. BUT if you play a lot of MMOs, I can easily recommend this mouse, as it’s designed for games (not even just MMOs) with a lot of key binds. Skyrim is perfect example of a game where you can bind all twelve buttons, and it isn’t an MMO.

Pros and Cons


18 programmable buttons

+ Feels natural to hold and there are 2 rests for your thumb and ring fingers

+ Not too bulky and is durable

+ Can change light colour

+ Weight tuning


Incompatible with Mac

Right click and DPI buttons can be a little sensitive

Can be difficult to clean with all the tight spots

– Scroll wheel too wide

Are you interested in this gaming mouse? Let me know if you have any questions about it and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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