Final Fantasy 15 – Camping, Trailers, Inns and Hotels!

Update: Final Fantasy XV review is up!

With Final Fantasy 15 so close, I think it’s a good time to remind ourselves the sort of things we’ll be able to do in the game. Today we’ll have a look at Lodgings. What are Lodgings you ask? They’re resting areas for your group to recover and to stay out of harms way. But there are three (well four really) types of Lodgings to choose from, with each offering different benefits. Camps, Inns, Trailer Houses and Hotels.


Camping is the one to go for if you’re running light on money, since it’s free. Not only that, Ignis can only cook at a camp. But why would that be important? Eating Ignis’ food will provide you with buffs to help you on your travels for the next day, which will of course come in handy when going up against a tough foe. Whilst camping is free, cooking isn’t in the same sense. You’ll need to gather ingredients before you can make any. Oh, you can also feed your Chocobo to increase its level too!

final fantasy 15 camping

Trailer House

Trailer Houses cost you a bit of money, but not a huge amount (that’s all I know!). Trailer Houses differ and are scattered throughout the world, each offering various bonuses. The only downsides are that they cost and you won’t be able to have Ignis cook for those delicious buffs. What you can do however, is cook at camps and take the food with you to eat at Trailer Houses and Inns, which is probbaly what I’ll do to enjoy the benefits of both!

final fantasy 15 trailer house


Like trailer houses, you won’t be able to cook with Ignis. They also seem to cost a lot than staying at trailer houses. But the upside of staying at an Inn is that they provide you with larger bonuses while staying at them. What bonuses they are, I have no clue, but it sounds pretty good right?

final fantasy 15 inns


Hotels are different to Lodging. At Hotels, you’ll be able to eat special meals that Ignis won’t have with his default recipe list, which is great since you’ll benefit from the buffs that they provide. Hotels and Inns don’t seem worth the cost until you have a decent amount of Gil. It all depends on how beneficial the bonuses and buffs are, compared to the food that Ignis may not be able to provide through his recipes and Trailer House bonuses.

Lodging is important because you’ll sometimes find yourself needing either needing buffs or to rest up and replenish your party health pools.

Which type of ‘Lodging’ attracts you the most?


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