Weekly Skyrim Mod #1 – Better Vanilla Perks

I recently bought the Special Edition for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is now my third time buying it (PS3 and PC)! Yes you might think I’m crazy, but I just love the Elder Scrolls games. Since I’ve been playing around with a few mods on PS4, I want to do a post on one mod every week (if all goes well!) because it can be quite daunting to scroll through a bunch of ’em and not know what they really do. So today we’ll start off with a favourite of mine, Better Vanilla Perks.

What Does It Do?

Better Vanilla Perks does exactly what it says in the name. It improves on the vanilla perks and gives you far more interesting options. Some of them can be seen as a little overpowered, when you first read what some perks do, such as incredible critical chance for Marksman perks and magicka cost reduction in the Destruction tree. But the balance is more or less solid, especially when you set the difficulty to Master/Legendary.

Archery is also a much more viable playstyle compared to melee/spell builds and even more so with Phendrix Magic World DLC with the new arrow types it adds.

Skyrim Archery - Overflow Perk
Skyrim Archery – Overflow Perk

Just A Few Examples..

Below are a examples of some of the changes that come with the mod:

Novice Illusion: Cast Novice level Illusion spells for half magicka. 5% extra chance to avoid arrows.

Staff of the Atronach: All spells and conjured Atronachs are 50% more powerful when using a staff.

Quick Reflexes: Enemies cannot critically hit you while you are blocking, preventing surprise kills.

Shadow Warrior: You gain the Night Eye ability and deal 5x sneak damage with greatswords.

Augmented Shock: Shock spells do 40% more damage and cost 40% less to cast.

Augmented Frost: Frost spells do 30% more damage and cost 30% less to cast.

Augmented Flames: Fire spells to 20% more damage and cost 20% less to cast.

Is it for you?

I’d say try it out (in which case I recommend the Faster Levelling mod to speed things up a bit). The mod offers more exciting perks and gives you things to look forward to as opposed to the Vanilla perks, which are still good as they are. The thing is, these are just…better. For any playstyle, you’ll find new things and improved versions of old perks, so you can still play however you like, leaving little imbalance.

Have you tried the Better Vanilla Perks mod? How are you finding it? : )


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