World of Warcraft: My Goal of Exceeding 100m+ Damage in a Battleground

There are many activities to get on with in World of Warcraft: Legion, especially as a new raid has dropped recently. But sometimes you’d like to do something other than raiding and ‘dungeon’eering’ and that was what happened to me this past week. I ran plenty of dungeons and raids but I got tired of them (thanks to RNG : P), and decided to set myself a different goal, one that doesn’t reward gear or any items in fact. Something that doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of time to achieve.

It’s the thing almost every PvP’er likes to do in some way. Topping damage in a BG (battleground). But I didn’t want to do top the damage board, because I’ve already done so in the past. I wanted to do something a little more fun and challenging (arguable).

Exceeding 100 million damage in a battleground, well other than Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients. Otherwise well…that’s cheating!

It got me thinking what kind of talent setup would be the best to achieve my goal. And actually, it’s the same build I’ve been playing these past few days!

This is easily the most enjoyable setup I’ve found so far, even more so than rolling with Earthen Rage/Elemental Blast/Liquid Magma Totem (I don’t even know why) and Icefury, which doesn’t really change all that much, except with this build I just mentioned, you’re weaving in Elemental Blast and many more Icefury/buffed Frost Shocks. With the talent setup shown below, you won’t be using Icefury much when in a heavy fight where you’re getting more Lava Surge procs than you deal with.

And well, I did it! I managed to deal 114 million damage in the end and on top of it, I’ve never had so much much in a battleground as a Shaman before. You need to try it out!

Check out a video of a full battleground I recorded below. Just watch the Lava Bursts fly. : )

Full Battleground Video

I clicked ‘Leave Battleground’ too quickly but there’s a screenshot below the video to show that I reached my goal in case you missed it : ).

elemental shaman 114m damage bg world of warcraft legion

Talent Setup

Rows 30 and 45 don’t impact the play style in any way, so I won’t be covering those.

Path of Flame

Path of Flame increases the damage of Lava Burst and that’s certainly what we want.

Ancestral Swiftness

This increases your haste at a constant rate so you’re always benefiting from the effect. Flame Shock will tick faster and get you more Lava Surge procs.

Elemental Fusion

Elemental Fusion is the one to go for in this row simply for the increased chance of Lava Surge occurring.

Echo of the Elements

As you’ll be generating a lot of Lava Surge procs, Echo of Elements will help to minimise any that are wasted. It also offers back to back Lava Bursts when hard casting.


While Icefury won’t be used much, it’s great for bursting down priority targets and target switching. It also does big damage and generates a heap of Maelstrom, if you’re starved for any (which should be rare anyway!)

Honor Talent Setup

honor talents setup elemental shaman

Rows 3, 5 and 6 are the only relevant talent choices.

Skyfury Totem

This is pretty simple. Skyfury Totem boosts critical damage by 30%, which will greatly benefit you when you’re causing a downpour of Lava Bursts.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice will make your Maelstrom woes disappear as soon as you spread Flame Shock across multiple targets. It also combines well with Earthfury and Icefury (+20% Frost Shock damage).


Earthfury is great with Fire and Ice. Y’know why? You’ll be getting 100 Maelstrom very quickly when you’re swimming in Lava Surge procs and have Flame Shock spread on many targets.


+ Constant stream of damage through Lava Burst and Flame Shock

+ Extreme potential burst damage with Lava Surge

+ Rapid Maelstrom generation

+ Good target switching

+ Steady damage on the move and minimal chances of being locked down through interrupts

+ If you like pressing buttons a lot, you’ll love this build!


– Reliant on RNG

– Reliant on many targets to spread Flame Shock – slightly less effective in Warsong Gulch than in 15 v 15 battles.

– On demand burst is lower due to RNG reliance

What do you think of this build? Or have you got any that I could try out?

Let me know in the comments! = )

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