Skyblivion – A TESRenewal

You know what I love? The community banding together to bring back a game that many of us hold dear in our hearts. And that’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. There’s no doubt Oblivion is a spectacular RPG and I’m sure I’m not the only one longing for a remaster on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We may or may not get a remaster, but what I’m about to share with you is just as good (providing it finishes).


Now what would you say if I told you there’s a thing called ‘Skyblivion’? If you aren’t already aware of it, it’s a project by TESRenewal that will bring Oblivion back as a mod for Skyrim. The team is using software (engine, 3D packages etc.) that wasn’t available back when Oblivion was in production, so the biggest change you’ll notice, are the visuals.

The nostalgia train doesn’t stop there, as you’ll see iconic weapons, armour, spells, NPCs (remember the Arena?) and…I feel like I’m forgetting something…..

…..oh and they’re including all the DLCs too! How sweet is that?

I saw this project and thought to myself “this doesn’t seem real”, but after watching a few videos and reading where they’re currently at, it blew my mind. Not only at the size of the project, but at how much passion is being pumped into it. It’s one of those things you can say is ‘for fans, by fans’. Oblivion was one of my first fantasy RPGs back in 2006 and being able to re-live it as an updated version would be incredible.

Want to get Involved?

Not only that, they’re also enhancing the story quest line and many side quests, the truly memorable parts from the game. It’s a massive undertaking, there’s no doubt about that. While I’m eager to get playing, it might not actually finish, since they aren’t getting paid for it. The owner of this project is using money from his own pocket but donations are being accepted. It costs a fair amount to maintain it, especially servers.

While you may not want to donate, you can also get in on the action by taking on jobs. Are you a strong 3D modeller? FX artist? Great at voice acting? They probably have openings for them and more! I would get involved myself, but having a full time job, running a blog and spare time won’t allow it = ).

A project like this excites me and is another Elder Scrolls thing I can look forward to apart from The Elder Scrolls VI (whenever it’s released). I’ll be keeping a close eye on this and I’m likely to write more posts as development goes on.

Trailer, Gameplay and a Q&A!

Check out a teaser below, what’s to come this year and a gameplay demo with Q&A stream (04/02/2017) below. You can also see the YouTube channel or their official website for more.

Skyblivion Teaser Trailer -‘Familiar Faces’
Skyblivion 2017 – The Road Ahead
Skyblivion Gameplay Demo/Q&A Dev Stream #4 (04/02/2017)

Like what you see? : D

If so, there are other similar projects such as, Skywind and Morrowblivion. Both can be seen here.

So you know what I think about this project. I’m interested in what your thoughts are on Skyblivion. Let me know in the comments.

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