Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves

How about that Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser huh?! I went into full nerd mode and told my family about ‘Grey Jedi’. Hopefully that’s what Luke was referring to in some form, otherwise I’ll look like a right tool.

Star Wars Battlefront (2015) was a pretty awful game and I very much retract my first impressions (first two days) of the game when it was release. My score should actually be much lower, and I would go back and rewrite it. I’d just be beating a dead horse and I also don’t want to waste my time on it.

In any case, that’s all in the past now that Battlefront 2 will be out November 17th, 2017. So let’s talk about that trailer (the trailer is at the end of this post if you haven’t seen it yet).

A Gripping Reveal Trailer

As much as I wanted to stay away from the sequel, the reveal trailer was actually very intriguing and I like what I’ve seen so far. It has shown us everything we wanted, well except for Galactic Conquest. From old characters through episodes 1-7, space battles, a unique campaign and more!


We should be cautious. Not to ‘hate’ on others (because I’m not ^-^), but I see some people getting overly excited for a game we still don’t know enough about. Then we’re back to square one where a lot of us are disappointed and it not living up to the hype, blah blah blah. I want this game to be good, but I won’t fall into the trap again.

I’m sure it’s not just me, but before I get on board, I want to know more details about the story. I’d like to see how it really plays before I invest too much time into it. I do however, love the idea of primarily playing on the Empire’s side as Iden Versio (who you mostly play as), the leader of elite troopers fighting for revenge after witnessing the destruction of the Death Star II.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Iden Versia
Iden Versio – The Protagonist of Battlefront 2

Here’s what Mark Thompson, EA Motive’s game director at Star Wars Celebration 2017 said on the topic:

We never describe the Empire as the bad guys [in Battlefront 2]”

“We never say Iden is a villain. We present the other side of the conflict.

I agree with him here. Bad guys don’t know they’re doing ‘bad’ things, so it makes sense that there’d be heroes on both sides.

Though I’m still slightly worried that it could very well be a short campaign, with multiplayer still the main focus. Even multiplayer, which is 80% of Battlefront (2015), is average at best. Maybe its multiplayer will have some depth this time around and not feel like a Battlefield clone.

‘Instant action’ should to be added to the game as well. The campaign can be phenomenal, but if there’s barely any offline replay value, it’ll end up being a repeat of Battlefront (2015). The same goes for local multiplayer, which unfortunately, is dying aspect of games these days.

How Will The Classes Play?

I do like that they’re adding back classes, so players can finally take on different roles. Again, it comes back to the same point. We need more information =]. Classes are great, however are they simply different ways of dishing out damage, or are they distinguished in terms of one class being a trapper, a medic, a powerhouse and a sniper?

A Battlefront game without space battles is like a bike with no wheels. It doesn’t make sense. It’s just a shame they waited so long to add in space battles and even then, it’s not as seamless as you don’t actually go in and out of a ship when you land (which you can’t do), unlike the original two Battlefront games. Which is one thing I hope Battlefront 2 brings back.

Let’s not forget about what makes Star Wars so attractive. The heroes and villains. This time round, we’ll be getting many iconic characters throughout episodes 1-7, including Master Yoda and Darth Maul. I don’t see why focusing on the original trilogy was a good thing anyway. There’s a bunch of cool stuff they missed out on, which is also partly what made the original Battlefront games so enjoyable and I’m glad they’re adding them in. Whether or not they’ll continue to add characters through DLC is a mystery to me. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

Beloved Darth Maul
The Fearsome Sith Lord and Lord of the Dance is back – Darth Maul

So Far So Good

Despite my feelings, judging by the trailer and the information we’ve received so far, they do seem to be pushing all the right buttons and I’m feeling slightly more positive than negative. Now it’s a matter of them being able to deliver what they’ve shown us, and how much of it will be accessible on launch day.

How do you feel about Star Wars Battlefront 2 so far? Feeling hopeful? Let me know in the comments below.

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