1 Year of Overwatch!

Overwatch Turns a Year Old Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Overwatch turns a year old. A year old!  A lot of has happened in the past year. With the Summer Event, Halloween, Winter and other events, it has felt pretty packed, and the Overwatch team have definitely delivered with great for all types of players. There have even been PvE modes!

I Still Love It

I’ve had a blast with Overwatch in the past year, and while I haven’t played it every single event like crazy, I’ve enjoyed every one. And you know what, even after a year, I still love the game. And that’s all down to the characters and music. Well the characters mostly. Each and every one have incredible personalities, which is what gives the game life.

My favourite thing so far is actually during the halloween PvE event, which gave a solid challenge and required a lot of teamwork. I almost always had to play Ana as no one else wanted to, but I mostly have to play as support characters anyway so it was a blast! Plus I got some nice practice with Ana.

This week (actually today) will bring us an anniversary event from May 23rd – June 13th. With it we’ll get a load of loot to get our hands on, with skins, sprays and maps as far as I know. In regards to skins, we know that Pharah, Solider: 76, Bastion, Symmetra and Zarya. We’ll probably get some for other characters too as this is what I’d call the biggest Overwatch in-game event so far.

overwatch anniversary event zarya skin
Zarya’s New Skin

Overwatch Free this Weekend

Everything sounds pretty great so far, but if you haven’t got Overwatch, why not try it out? It’s free to play from May 26th – May 29th for consoles and PC. You’ll be able to access everything the game offers so you won’t miss out on any of the anniversary goodies. And if you decide to buy the game at a later date, you’ll keep what you earn during the weekend.

The anniversary event starts today at 5pm GMT/10am PST/1pm EST.

What has been your favourite moment since Overwatch’s release?


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