We Beat…Divinity: Original Sin

Looking for the Right Multiplayer Game

Me and my brother are always looking for co-op games to play, but unfortunately there aren’t that many couch co-op ones that interest us. Mind you, a lot of online multiplayer games don’t attract us (we’ve locked onto Destiny 2 though!). We played a lot of Diablo 3 and liked the RPG/isometric, dungeon crawling style so I went looking for a game with those similarities and found Divinity: Original Sin.

I checked up some reviews and bought the game the next day.

When we started the game, we instantly too a liking to it. It had the things were we looking for in a co-op game. Strategy, the environment being such a big impact on gameplay, loot, level system, progression and exploration. It’s also very challenging if you don’t plan things out, and very easily punishing if you mess about with character builds too much. Although the game seems to favour ranged and 2-handed weapon builds, which we only figured out until half way into the game. Having a rogue-like character and giving our archer the ‘Glass Canon’ (which essentially gives slightly more actions per turn at the cost of reducing Vitality, or HP by 50%) talent added to the challenge.

A Fun and Buggy Experience

Throughout the game, we encountered many difficult moments that forced us to try out many strategies, especially for some of the more challenging boss fights that we our particular party was at a disadvantage to. Not only that, some strategies we tried were so ridiculous, we were sure they wouldn’t have worked! This is what makes Divinity: Original Sin one of the best game I’ve played.

divinity original sin ps4 multiplayer

It’s also one of the buggiest games I’ve seen, but we had a great 63 hours of play time. This game in particular is great for people in a similar situation to us where we both work 9-5 jobs, but also have some time to game. Every week or so we sat down and just played away. It has taken almost a year to complete the game because we don’t play it everyday. And most of the time, we looked forward to seeing what was next.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is in our sights, but are waiting to see if it comes to console before we decide on a PC version (don’t want to burn out with these type of games either!). We’re also super excited for our next multiplayer adventure, with Destiny 2 releasing next month.  :-]

If you haven’t played it yet, we both recommend you do, if you like isometric, turn-based RPGs.

What do you think about Divinity: Original Sin?

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