World of Warcraft: Legion – Patch 7.3 and Artifact Knowledge

There’s a new patch coming for World of Warcraft: Legion and it’s bringing a lot of things. One of them being an increase to the Artifact Knowledge (AK) cap. In patch 7.3 the cap increases to level 50. With this, you no longer need to ‘research’ AK as one level is automatically learned each week, so it’ll take 10 weeks to get to level 50. So it’s all free!

It’s Tied to the Netherlight Crucible

You’ll want to start farming Artifact Power again for the Netherlight Crucible in patch 7.3 as you’ll gain separate traits when you dump 75 points into your Artifact weapon. Obviously it’s going to get much easier as Artifact Knowledge level increases, but it’s still worth getting as much as you can when you can. If you’re a Mythic progress raider, you’ll most likely be farming a lot more. The traits from the Netherlight Crucible will be beneficial when it comes to Mythic raiding progress!

But you know what the community is like. There will be groups asking for a maxed out Netherlight Crucible in order to beat Antorus, the Burning Throne on Normal mode. ; )

Anyway, check out the multipliers below.

Artifact Knowledge Level Multiplier
41 16,000,000%
42 20,800,000%
43 27,040,000%
44 35,150,000%
45 45,700,000%
46 59,400,000%
47 77,250,000%
48 100,400,000%
49 130,500,000%
50 169,650,000%
51 220,550,000%
52 286,750,000%
53 372,750,000%
54 484,600,000%
55 630,000,000%

What do you think of farming Artifact Power and how it’s tied to the Netherlight Crucible?

Let me know in the comments!


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