Netherlight Crucible Adds More RNG

This week in World of Warcraft: Legion, we unlock the Netherlight Crucible. It’s a way to upgrade Artifact weapon relics. I won’t go into what it exactly gives, which you can go to here for a detailed explanation.

It’s a Good Feature

The Crucible itself is a good feature, with the ability to upgrade relic item levels and allow you to choose from 1 of 2 paths (Light or Void). The choice aspect is something I felt was missing since the start of Legion and could have been introduced into the core Artifact weapon trait tree because in an RPG, or in any game, you need that element of choice. It keeps things interesting and different for each class/spec.


The only thing that hold it back is how RNG is included. So far every system of Legion has an random element associated with it.


Each time you add a new relic, the traits change or you might be lucky enough to end up with the same traits! So let’s say you have an ilvl 900 relic that adds +58 item levels to your weapon, but you get an ilvl 920 relic that adds +64 item levels. It’s obvious that the 920 relic is an upgrade as it will strengthen the power of your weapon by 6 item levels. Sometimes it may not be an upgrade (usually within 3-4 item levels) due to the trait bonus it comes with, but that was the only layer you had to deal with. Now you have to see if the Crucible traits aren’t downgrades. If your ilvl 900 relic has far better crucible traits for your spec than the 920 one, we have a problem here.

No Reward Structure

Now you could have worked hard for that 920 relic, but then when it comes to the Crucible traits, it’s actually a downgrade. It doesn’t make you feel so happy. This is a theme I’ve seen throughout Legion and is something Blizzard seem to be very content with, despite the negative reception. Forums aren’t representative of the population, but if it’s largely negative there, then something isn’t quite right.

Mists of Pandaria actually had it perfect in my view. You’d get a change to have an item increase by +6 item levels (Warforged or Thunderforged), that’s it. Whereas in Legion, you can get an item upgrade from 900 to 950. Skipping Tomb of Sargeras Mythic gear and on par with Heroic Antorus gear. And you could get that item from handing in 40 Astral Glory for example.

I think I’ve gone off on a tangent a little, but I think I’ve highlighted the issue with the Netherlight Crucible. For those who like to min/max, this is a big problem and I’m one of those players. And you don’t need to raid Mythic to be that type of player. It’s an RPG, min/maxing is what you do. But it’s also understandable that the rest of the player base doesn’t do that, so it’s not quite an issue for them.

At least there’s a preview slot so you can see what traits you’ll get before slotting it.


How do you feel about random Crucible traits? Is there a way in which you would improve it?

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