Monster Hunter: World Beta Impressions

Bear in mind this is based on a ‘beta’ version of the game, but what we have now is essentially how the game will be when it launches on January 26th. Improvement could come in future patches.

Character Customization Is Bare-bones

Character creation customization is the most basic I’ve ever seen, judging by what I’ve seen. By looking at the image below, you’ll have pretty much seen the whole character creation process. You can choose a male or female and different presets. I don’t think there’s ever been a creation process as limited as this. You may as well not even have the option to customize your character. Most of your focus is spent on hunting and you’ll probably have a helmet on anyway (which can be hidden).

The game would be the same without this creation process.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20180120165438

Gameplay is a Heap of Fun

Probably the most attractive aspect the game has to offer, the gameplay. It’s how you would imagine a monster hunting game would play out. You accept a quest to find and slay dangerous creatures of all sizes, but it’s not quite so straightforward. There are other creatures you need to be wary of, both hostile and non-hostile. Some may even be advantageous to you if a creature attacks the monster you’re hunting.

As a game of monster hunting, there are many ways to kill a creature. Be it a bow or an extremely heavy hammer, there’s bound to be a style that suits you. Although you may have to choose certain setups (or not!) to exploit creature weaknesses, and the same goes for the armour you choose.

Watch a clip of multiplayer gameplay below.

More often than not, timed missions aren’t my favourite, and in this game, all quests are timed. While it does add an extra layer of difficulty and urgency, it just makes you rush and it doesn’t allow you to fully explore the area. I haven’t played the other Monster Hunter games but the timed nature, I’m not a huge fan of.

On a more positive note, multiplayer is a blast! Being able to hunt down creatures with others is a very attractive option in this game. Multiplayer is essentially the same as single player, with more people, so there isn’t much of a difference. If you have a friend or three who are going to play Monster Hunter: World, this game might be a good bet for you.

Confusing Controls

Controls are confusing and overwhelming, although as with pretty much every game, the more you play, the better accustomed you’ll get. It’s just slightly more frustrating at the beginning in this game. You’ll likely hit the wrong buttons for a few times, honestly…just spend a minute or two in the training area and you’ll be fine!

While things like awkward controls can be forgiven, how restrictive a game is can’t be. For example, you can only crouch when you stand still. I shouldn’t be so surprised at something like this in a Capcom game, but still..having to stop moving to crouch is annoying. Or is this just me? : D

You should also expect heavy and restrictive movement. One thing I am surprised at is how there aren’t any agile characters from what I’ve seen. Considering there are bows you can use, an agile play style suits that perfectly.

Great Sound and Visuals

Surprisingly (not really), the sound and visuals are spectacular. It’s just unfortunate that quests are timed, as you don’t get to appreciate the world as much as you can. On 4k screens, I can imagine this game would look breathtaking.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20180121144935

How do you feel about Monster Hunter: World so far?

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