Is God of War…really a God of War game?

Before we get into this, I’m absolutely looking forward to God of War, so while it seems I’m a hater, I’m not. : )

Is this the God of War we’re used to?

The God of War franchise used to be great. While mechanically, they all played the same, the combination of hack ‘n’ slash, ridiculously gigantic bosses, hordes of enemies and also the progression system kept you hooked. When someone thinks God of War, they think of these things.

What happens when you either strip away the core identity (hack ‘n’ slash) and tone down everything else?

Well, then you get something completely different. God of War was always driven by its combat, with the story as a secondary component. Its appeal was the over-the-top, bloody combat. The upcoming God of War on the other hand seems to be slightly missing that identity. It looks much slower than what we’re used to, which isn’t a bad thing, as the hack ‘n’ slash style in the current market probably wouldn’t have worked out. In fact I love how the upcoming game looks and plays.

It probably won’t fail

While I don’t think the reboot will bomb, it doesn’t feel like a true God of War game yet. The only thing it retains is…Kratos. But even his Blades of Chaos seem to be replaced by a generic axe ripped off from Mjölnir. If it wasn’t called God of War, the game can be seen as a completely new IP (intellectual property).

So is the upcoming God of War really a God of War game? As it stands, I would say not completely. My view on this may entirely change when I get to play it, so it’s hard to tell.

Perhaps I’m too cynical, simply cautious…or a nostalgic nut and this entire post is a bunch of crap. Besides, the Tomb Raider reboot has been fantastic so far.

What do you think of God of War so far?

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