I just can’t get into the Elder Scrolls Online

A break from World of Warcraft

I haven’t played much World of Warcraft recently, as there’s not really that much to do, and seeing as the pre-expansion patch is (probably) only 2 months away at the latest, it’s a good time to take a break and focus my game time on other games.

Currently, God of War is what I’m mostly playing, which I absolutely love. But I’m starting to miss that MMO feel, so after a long time, I installed Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). I had read that zones scale to your level, which was enough for me to give it another shot.

It was great…for a little while

For the first few days, I was enjoying it. Instead of carrying on from the character I left off with, I decided to create a new one and go for a sword & shield with destructive magic. I didn’t care whether or not it was good for raiding or PvP as I wasn’t and still aren’t interested.


I was getting that ‘Elder Scrolls‘ feel, but it didn’t last long. Ever since then I haven’t played it since. I just can’t get into it. The combat is completely fine, even better than previous Elder Scrolls games, and the way quests are told are also what those games need to adopt in some way. I don’t get that feeling of ‘making an impact’. I think my problem with the game is that it’s an MMO. In my view, Elder Scrolls games are single player and should remain that way. Would The Witcher, God of War or Fallout franchises do well as MMOs? I don’t think they would be based on the fact that the game revolves around a single character making a big difference in the world, one mistake I believe has been made in Warlords of Draenor and Legion, with each player being either a commander of their respective faction or the leader of their class. This is where gameplay and lore really clashes.

The long wait for the Elder Scrolls 6 continues

It has been 7 years since Skyrim was released, which is a long time! At this point, I’m just looking for that Elder Scrolls itch, which I thought ESO would give, but it’s not for me.

While we don’t won’t have the next game for a while, I’ve been more than busy with titles such as God of War, Monster Hunter World, and Overwatch here and there.

What do you think of the Elder Scrolls Online?

4 thoughts on “I just can’t get into the Elder Scrolls Online

  1. I echo your sentiments on WoW. I love the MMO but there’s just not much to do right now pre-BFA. I wanted to make sure I finally got my Anglers rep maxed to get the Waterstrider mount (I’ve always played a Warlock and had waterwalking via a glyph that’s since been removed), and then get my skinning and herbalism maxed. Done and done. Now we play the waiting game.

    I didn’t like ESO at launch… at all. I liked it more after the One Tamriel update that level-scaled everything and made it feel more like a traditional ES experience. The story is still kind of dull and, as you said, feels like I’m not contributing to anything massive. It’s a decent time still, but the MMO I enjoy that I play the least. For whatever reason, if I’m not on WoW I’m on NeverWinter. I love the way that game plays.

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    1. I’ve been wanting to get the Waterstrider mount but had 0 motivation to do so. I main a shaman so water walking is baseline. Maybe I could go for it now seeing as I may gravitate towards warlocks and and hunters more in BfA.

      I was only really going for +15s each week to maximise gear but found that there was no point in doing so, as gear is replaced quite quickly during levelling. I could finish getting the heritage armour though.

      Yeah I agree too. But I think Cyberpunk 2077 may fill that void for me, next year!

      I did try Neverwinter on PS4, but didn’t really give it a chance. I might pick it up at some point after I finish up God of War.

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      1. NeverWinter is a lot of fun to play and all of the content is free, but over the last few expansions they’ve done a lot to hinder the player and really encourage spending money on in-game currency (Zen) or extra storage space. Its end-game is tuned pretty high and requires the best enchants and gems, which feel nearly impossible to refine without cash items. You get such little storage space by default, but enemies drop so much loot that you’re constantly running out of bag space. Sure, you can ignore the loot drops and just pick up what you need, but you *need* gold for stuff like injury kits and potions. It’s fun, but kinda frustrating at times. Definitely worth running a character through at least once to check out all the zones and lore if you’re into Forgotten Realms stuff.

        My Warlock’s fishing was only in the 300s, so I built a fishing shack back in my Draenor garrison. It offers a daily quest that’s super easy and gives +15 skillups. Once you hit revered with Anglers you can buy a token that gives you 100% rep gains with them, which is about a week from rev to exalted afterward. There are three additional dailies you can fish up (green items) from different spots in Krasarang that help a lot too. None of the dailies are overly frustrating, since a majority of them require no fishing at all, but the ones that do can take a while until you’re way up in the 600s.

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      2. I constantly found myself running out of bag space in ESO as well, just wasn’t fun.

        That doesn’t sound too bad. The problem is that I’m too impatient for fishing 😀

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