Fallout 76 Teaser

Oh Bethesda you tease

So….Bethesda had opened a stream since yesterday evening and just revealed what the news was a couple of hours ago.

Fallout 76!

While some were thinking it was going to be a Fallout 3 remaster or Fallout Shelter port on the Nintendo Switch, others thought it would be an entirely new game. And it looks like we’re sort of getting a new game? Going by the teaser, assets from Fallout 4 seemed to be used, just like New Vegas had done from Fallout 3. So we know what it’s called, but don’t know what it’ll be like. They hit the nail on the head with teasing us I’d say.

Existing lore for Vault 76

There is existing lore for Vault 76, which you can read from the Fallout wikia page here.

Here’s the timeline.


According to 4chan

According to a 4chan post, someone said it was going to be called Fallout 76 with gameplay similar to Rust. I think the image below is the source, but take it with a grain of salt. Although it would be interesting to get a survival type Fallout, but as a single-player game.


There are ‘rumours’ that it could feature some online functionality and according to some guy from Kotaku (I know…), it won’t be focused on single-player.

At this point, it could be anything and it’ll be nothing but speculatio. But I’m pretty sure the majority of fans, including me, would like for it to be a single-player RPG. But hey, I’m all for change and if it’s good, I’ll play it. We’ll see at E3!

What do you think Fallout 76 will be?

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