I’m playing…Stardew Valley?

A game other than Mario and Zelda

After longing for a new game to play on the Nintendo Switch that isn’t related to Mario or Zelda, I decided to give Stardew Valley a go. I heard a lot of good things about the game, but the one thing I was reluctant about was the fact that it’s a farming game. This isn’t usually my cup of tea, but as it’s an RPG (which is my forte), I had to try it.

I love Stardew Valley. It’s exactly the game I’ve been meaning to play right now. That is, it’s a game I can play whenever I want, however I want and the pace I want. It’s also not heavy in combat, as you can simply farm, gather materials, do some quests and explore.


The best part about Stardew Valley is that it doesn’t quite hold your hand, so you have to figure most things out for yourself. And with a game like this, it’s best played figuring it out yourself, otherwise, you’ll just end up following optimal routes. And that’s nowhere near as enjoyable.

The energy bar plays a big role

Most of what you do revolves around the energy bar. There are similar systems in a lot of games where you need to manage a resource, and a lot of them would be a hell of a lot less interesting without such micromanagement.

This way, you have to be careful with how often you spend your time hacking away at trees and even watering your crops. The days aren’t that long so choosing what you want to do in advance is a good idea. And it’s these sort of decisions that make the game special.


Although, what I don’t like so much is how the day goes pretty quickly. When you expend too much energy by the time it’s 11am, you’ll need some energy replenishing food or drink, otherwise, you’ll need to sleep until the next day. Also, there are buildings and events that are only open during certain hours, or even on specific days. I suppose this emphasizes how decisions and planning are important in the game.

Make sure you play the way you want 

But don’t forget, you can play this game at your own pace. You don’t need to do everything, because that’s what a second playthrough can be for. Unlike Far Cry Primal, this is a game I’m definitely going to enjoy playing.

What do you think of Stardew Valley?

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