Stardew Valley – Early Money Making Tips

Stardew Valley is a game that doesn’t really hold your hand. A lot of things you have to figure out for yourself unless you look it up. I experimented with a few things early on and found a reliable source of income, early on.

Now if there is something even more profitable than what I’m about to tell you, then by all means, share it with us!

Fishing is a wonderful source of income

The first thing to do is to find Willy. He owns a fishing shop on the beach and when you speak to him, he gives you a Bamboo Pole. Now you can begin to fish! All you need to do is to get used to the fishing mechanic and start catching some fish. Regular Red Mullet goes for 75 gold each and Herring 30g. But when you start to see starred fish, you really start seeing the money come in. You can easily rake in over 1500 within the first couple of in-game days.


After this, I would go for that backpack upgrade as soon as possible and get 300 wood, to fix the bridge on the beach. Across the bridge, you’ll find coral, which sometimes respawns each day. These can sell for a lot of gold! So I would go straight for the coral first, then catch as much fish as possible on the dock, around Willy’s shop. You can then sell things to Willy if you’re running out of inventory space. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you sell, you’ll always get the same price.

That’s about it really! Not only is fishing a good way to make some money, it’s also one of the more engaging activities. At least to me! So get fishing. : )

Which method(s) have you tried to get money early on?

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