World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – Battle for Lordaeron (Alliance)

Spoiler alert

One of the better scenarios in the game

Giving myself a good amount of time before writing up my thoughts, my stance on the Battle for Lordaeron stays as it was.

From the get-go, the scenario starts after the Battle for Azeroth cinematic ends, and it’s a great start. From an Alliance perspective, seeing the area surrounding the Undercity (Lordaeron Keep), in ruin, sets the tone for the rest of the scenario. Especially when Glenn Greymane gives his speech and ends it with “For the Alliance!”.

Charging into battle and seeing all of those NPCs around you, makes it feel like you’re in a real war. This was perhaps even more important than have cut scenes move the story along. As the Battle for Azeroth is focusing on the faction war, this scenario needed to give that war feel. And it certainly succeeds.

The cut scenes definitely help

Recently Blizzard have been using cut scenes to smoothen out stories in-game. They’ve definitely helped to move the story along. Rather than having key moments take place in-game, what these cut scenes do is set the mood and block any distractions that may occur.

(Spoiler for The Burning of Teldrassil quest)

Let’s go back to the encounter where Sylvanas and Malfurion are locked in battle, on Darkshore. Would it be better to leave it as it was or have a dedicated cut scene, much like the ones that are made for the Battle for Lordaeron? The former makes it far easier to not care for two reasons, and I’m not talking about lore. 1) The scene didn’t have the right mood. There was no sense of care that the player might have and it felt like any other in-game scene. It’s less about this point 1, but more about my next point. 2) The player can be distracted easily. While there aren’t any other things happening at this moment, the focus is clearly on Sylvanas and Malfurion, but once you give the player freedom of movement, some of your players will not even pay attention. With cut scenes, it sets the scene for key moments, which could have been far more powerful.

What I also found quite impressive, was the voice acting, mainly for Sylvanas and especially during certain scenes. Patty Mattson is a talented voice actor and she showcases the how venomous Sylvanas can sound. This is what I love about Sylvanas’ character. Here’s a video of the ending of the Battle for Lordaeron scene. Just listen to how Sylvanas sounds. Of course, this is a spoiler if you haven’t played through the Battle for Lordaeron yet.

If you want a better understanding of the story, I’d recommend that you do both the Alliance and Horde side, as it’ll give you some perspective from either faction.

While there are a couple of iffy moments like Jaina’s entrance, the Battle for Lordaeron is easily the best scenario that Blizzard have done. It’s a strong start after the mixed reception the Burning of Teldrassil event received.

What do you think about the Battle for Lordaeron scenario?

4 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – Battle for Lordaeron (Alliance)

  1. It was a very engaging scenario, I agree. And very long too, with lots of parts in it. I know I belong to the minority but I would have loved, if one could do these things in smaller groups. The group rush through it all, and I really wanted to take my time (which I know we can’t do in war, but still)

    I did miss Night Elves though. There were not many present there – I would have loved to at least see a few engage more with a few lines in /Say or something…

    As for the Teldrassil event, that really didn’t sit well with me. After all that happened, I was, and still am genuinely surprised of how little attention the Night Elves have gotten. No cinematic with Tyrande, no explanation why her and Malfurion stands in the keep at 100%, un-interactable. It does not seem finished at all. One can argue, that it is indeed not finished yet, but playing BfA, I feel as if I am in a time bubble, where the last month never happened.


    1. With the Teldrassil stuff, they tried telling the story across different media, which clearly didn’t work. It’s cool they’re trying new things, and I loved the Old Soldier cinematic, but they needed to tell the story properly in-game.

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