Mythic+ Currency Added in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1

Battle for Azeroth has been strange for me, in regards to mythic+ dungeons. In Legion, the dungeons were fantastic, and with the exception of a couple, I enjoyed doing them. But in Battle for Azeroth, I don’t seem to be participating in them much. While nothing really has changed with how mythic+ works, I think it comes down to a couple of issues.

Mythic+ Azerite system is unfulfilling

The first issue I won’t elaborate on here, but it relates to the current design of some classes, which I may write a post dedicated to that. The second issue is in which Azerite gear is rewarded from participating in mythic+. Since the launch of Battle for Azeroth, if you relied on mythic+ to get your Azerite gear, then you likely had and still do have a dreadful experience.

Azerite gear is only awarded in your weekly mythic+ chest, and competes with regular gear, so the chances of seeing an Azerite piece was on the low side. Sure, there is some sort of ‘bad luck protection’, but we don’t know how this is exactly calculated. So there’s no way of targeting your Azerite gear if you mostly run mythic+ dungeons. This is bad as it completely takes control away from the player. At least you know which boss drops Azerite gear in raids.

Patch 8.1 comes with improvements!

So you can see how terrible, attaining Azerite gear from mythic+ is, right? Well, in patch 8.1, which releases December 11th-13th (depending on your region), a currency is being added and a familiar Ethereal returns, as a vendor to offer us Azerite gear to spend that currency on!

This currency, known as Titan Residuum, is what you’ll be getting from your weekly mythic+ chest, on top of a regular piece of gear and Azerite Power. Of course, how much Titan Residuum depends on the highest keystone you complete during that week.

Now you’re probably wondering what the cost of these Azerite pieces are. Keep in mind, there is a separate cache for all three slots, so you buy a normal quality Azerite helm cache, you will receive a helmet.

  • Normal quality Azerite cache (Helm, Shoulder or Chest) = 125 Titan Residdum
  • Heroic quality Azerite cache (Helm, Shoulder or Chest) = 400 Titan Residuum
  • Mythic quality Azerite cache (Helm, Shoulder or Chest) = 1250 Titan Residuum
  • Specific Mythic quality item = 3250 Titan Residuum

What this means is that you will be able to target each slot either randomly at a cheaper price, or specific Azerite pieces at a premium price. If you want that best in slot Azerite armour, then you can actively work towards getting that piece, which is better than any other gearing source in Battle for Azeroth.

You may also be wondering if there are other ways to obtain Titan Residuum. And you’re right, there is another way. You can scrap any Azerite piece for Titan Residuum, which will make other pieces from other sources, much more valuable. Just don’t hoard all the Azerite pieces you find prior to patch 8.1, it won’t count!

It’s a step in the right direction

It doesn’t fix the core problems with Azerite gear, not one bit. But this is wholly, a positive change in regards to gearing through mythic+. I’ve read some comments from players who bring up the fact that it will take six weeks to get one specific mythic quality piece, if you’re doing your +10 each week. Six weeks can be seen as a long time. But we’re talking about being able to buy your best in slot Azerite piece. Why should it be quick to attain? We’re being presented with a system to work towards getting the best pieces, so I agree that it should take a bit of time to get, especially if you’re not doing content that doesn’t reward you with that level of gear. This is essentially like the vendors we had in The Burning Crusade and The Wrath of the Lich King, but better.

All we need is for vendors to come back for those who only raid, to combat heavy bad luck streaks. I’m not talking best in slot stuff, just some things to slowly work towards if you didn’t get loot. Just like in the first two expansions, vendor gear was mostly complimentary.

What do you think of the currency and vendor being added in patch 8.1?

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