Well hi there and welcome to my blog! As you can tell it’s ALL about gaming, be it news or reviews, I’ll do my best to cover it!

You may or may not be wondering who I am. My name is Fahad Ahmed and I live in England. I’ve pretty much been playing video games for the last 16-years and I have played a wide variety of games and systems, ranging from RPGs, shooters, action/adventures, platformers, Sci-Fi/fantasy and the odd strategy game here and there. My all time favourite console being the Nintendo 64 of course!

Recently, I decided to write about games because, well gaming is something I adore and writing about them is even better! I’m pretty new to the whole review scene but I’m improving as I continue to write.

I also dabble in 3D FX and like to draw from time to time. But we’re not here for any of that!

The following date was when I was ready to see the world: 14/08/94