The Park Review (PS4) – Dammit Callum!

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows Developer: FunCom Publisher: FunCom The Park (a spin-off from FunCom’s The Secret World) is a short story driven psychology horror game with no combat and plays as a ‘walking simulator’ with moments of interaction with clues. While there aren’t many, there’s just enough interactivity and interest from Lorraine’s narrative, who is the mother you play as. It takes… Read More The Park Review (PS4) – Dammit Callum!

Magicka 2 Review

Platforms: PS4, Windows/Linux Developer: Pieces Interactive Publisher: Paradox Interactive The first Magicka game was a nice addition to my games collection because it offered something I’ve never seen or played before. The element system is one of the most unique mechanics in a game I’ve seen and even just trying different combinations of elements can… Read More Magicka 2 Review